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Redeem WWE Champions 2023 Gift Codes and obtain a lot of free and exclusive resources to help boost your account to newest heights.

Take advantage of these codes and strengthen your account ascending to the best levels possible.

wwe champions pc download

These are time limited codes, so be sure to check in every so often to make sure you don’t miss out on newly release codes.

All Working WWE Champions 2023 Promo Codes (January 2023)

Shawn3030x Shawn Shards
ShawnrumbleShawn Shards
Rowdys1x Star Bronze
ScopelySucks10,000 Coins
Goddess1x Star Bronze
LittleBig1x Star Bronze
Evolution1x Star Bronze
MissBliss1x Star Bronze
Empress1x Star Bronze
FeelTheGlow1x Star Bronze
Wooooo1x Star Bronze
AlexaBliss1x Star Bronze

Note: Make sure to enter the codes as they are, including alphanumerical cases, special characters, and such.

Expired WWE Champions 2023 Gift Codes

Note: Try them out as some may still work.

  1. StrongStyle: 1x Star Bronz
  2. Heelturn: 1x Star Bronz
  3. BirthdayPrize35dT: 1x Feb. Giveaway
  4. Celebration33mP: 1x Feb. Giveaway
  5. COolelctionEvent92kF: 1x Feb. Giveaway
  6. BirthdayPrize21pT: 1x Feb. Giveaway
  7. Celebration49jP: 1x Feb. Giveaway
  8. BirthdayPrize12zT: 1x Feb. Giveaway
  9. CollectionEvent82dF: 1x Feb. Giveaway
  10. AnniversaryGift: 2x Super Player Appreciation Bag
  11. 1YearGift: Mystery 10 TP Bag
  12. 1YearCommunity: 1x Super Player Appreciation Bag

How to redeem WWE Champions 2023 Promo Codes

  1. Open the game app and tap on the Avatar icon
  2. Select the Promo Codes
  3. Enter the code in the enter promo code section
  4. Select the Claim button and that’s it
  5.  The rewards should be awarded to your in-game mail and account rapidly there after.

Example using factionhqlive code

wwe champions promo code

After hitting on the redeem button, the below screen with the rewards will be displayed.

wwe champions redeem code

Hitting the claim button will result in the rewards being added to your account!

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