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Whenever we take out our Smartphone and open WWE Champions, we get a top of choices up-front. You might ask yourself as a beginner, what are those modes and how do they work? Well, here in this WWE Champions Guide Modes and Feature Guide 2023, we are going to mention the Famous Game Modes and their Features that you can enjoy in the game itself. So, buckle up and enjoy the trip!

Versus Game Mode

The first Game Mode we are going to discuss here is the Versus Game Mode. It is much similar to “The Road”, but unlike that, you are actually fighting other players here or other Superstars. When you press on the Battle Button, the game starts with the Versus Game Mode. You select the Superstar, as well as the Opponents pick their own Superstars as well.


Through the Versus Mode, you can participate in the Season Leaderboards. These are all against the other Players and each week it resets. You can call Versus Mode a Ranked Mode of WWE Champions. Whereas, Seasons are updates in which Versus Mode Leaderboard resets.

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  • There are League Rewards that you get by winning and with these Rewards you get into the Higher League. The higher you go, the more prizes you will get. Upon losing you go down in the League Rewards.
  • Then, there are Fame Prizes that are gained by battling other players in matches. You can’t lose them and they change the sound with the Seasons.

Gauntlet Blitz Game Mode

Some people call it Gauntlet Game Mode in WWE Champions 2023, but to actually get it, you need to have Level 4. It is based on events and when there are no available to participate in, you can’t play the Gauntlet Game Mode.

Here you need to make a team of the Superstars you know best and beat down the enemy who also has a team made in Gauntlet Blitz. It is quite a fun Game Mode in WWE Superstar 2023, but there are a few things you need to know before starting out with the Gauntlet Game Mode.

WWE Champions Game Modes Guide to Gauntlet Blitz

  • You can’t use the already set Gauntlet Team Mode Superstars in the Defence Team or Virsus Game Mode.
  • There is no healing in the Gauntlet Matches. So, be wary about it.
  • You can’t add the Superstars that are already Injured in your Gauntlet Game Mode Team. More on the WWE Champions Gameplay Guide.
  • If you don’t want to fill in the Roster yourself, you can select the Auto Fill option in this Game Mode that automatically puts in the Best Superstars there in the Roster. 
  • Gauntlet Game Mode participation isn’t free, rather it requires Tickets from you. Ticket prices may be changed often, but can get around 125 Tickets at the end of each Week. During the events, you can get Tickets.
  • Last but not least, the match ends when the timer runs out or all the Superstars are taken out. 

Cash Contract by Shane O Mac

In our WWE Champions Game Modes Guide, we are going to mention a path that you can take to earn a ton of Cash, Coins, Superstars, and much more. Yes, the concept is the same here because it is the Cash Contract by Shane O Mac.

You can sign this Contract to get all the things as an extra. It is found in the Features Tab where you can get the Contract from this Savvy Businessman. So, what are the Features of the Shane O Mac Cash Contract?

Features of Shane O Mac Contract

  • Every 24 hours, you can get One PayDay Bag. Each bag comes with around 2k Coins and 40 Cash. There is also a chance that can provide you with 10k Coins and 100 Cash.
  • As a Signing Bonus, you will get 20k Coins and there is also a Crate of Premium Superstar.
  • At the time of the Last PayDay Bag, you will be rewarded with a Gold Superstar Poster of 2 Stars.

Factions in WWE Champions

How to Join Factions in WWE Champions 2023

Factions can also be joined in WWE Champions 2023. There is also a choice where you can create your own Faction. It can all be done in the Faction Screen and from there you can press the “Join” Button to get into a Faction.

There are also other members in the Factions. You can see details on The Factions before joining by pressing the right Arrow of Listed Factions. If they aren’t Full, then you can simply press the Join button to get in that Faction. 

There is a limit of 30 Faction in WWE Champions, so keep that in mind before making or joining one. 

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How to Create Factions in WWE Champions 2023

Just like we already mentioned in our WWE Champions Game Mode and Features Guide 2023 that you can also create a Faction. How to do that? Well, you first need to get out of the Faction if you are in one. There are Coins needed while creating a Faction.

By pressing on Create Faction you will have to pay the fees, and put in the Name, icon, and Message. Again, pressing the Create Button will make the Faction for you.

Benefits of Factions

There are various Benefits to Joining a Faction or Creating one;

  • You can get help when your Superstar needs healing or is injured
  • There are Faction XP’s
  • Faction Power Scores and New Individuals show who is the strongest
  • Faction Tokens can be earned to compete in the activities
  • You can purchase Gifts and give them to other members of the Faction

Props in WWE Champions

As every WWE lover knows there are Props in the Wrestling World. In WWE Champions these Props are divided into two parts;

Face Props: It enhances the Gem Board and the Superstars Board

Heel Props: These affect the Opponent Gem Board and Superstars Board.

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Inventory and Using Props

You can see the Props in Inventory Menu under the Props section from drop tabs. In the turn, you can select the Props from this Menu right beside the Superstar Moves. There is no limit here, you can use as much as you want and in any Game Mode, you want to use it in.

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