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Beginner’s Guide to WWE Champions Mobile Game

WWE Champions quickly became popular after its release. The ARPG is published and developed by Scopely and incorporates great single-player and multiplayer options to cater to the needs of every single mobile gamer. WWE fans will love WWE Champions because of the unique gameplay and positive impact in the gaming world it brings.

So, let’s talk about the beginner’s guide to the WWE Champions mobile game.

Main Key Highlights of WWE Champions 2022

WWE Champions has over 250 WWE superstars and legends that you can pick in the game. It is an Action RPG-style gameplay with WWE style etched into the details. Moreover, the game also contains a lot of events like WrestleMania and SummerSlam so the gameplay would never get boring.

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There are also some monthly title events that you can make sure of. When we talk about the characters, WWE Champions contains a variety of moves that you would need to use in order to destroy your enemies and the game contains puzzle RPG-style gameplay.

The game also lets you join factions and alliances to play with your friends or people from all over the world. Features-wise, WWE Champions never fall short. Now that we know what to expect from the game, let’s talk a bit deeper and start the beginner’s guide.

How To Get Started With The Game?

The game starts when you will need to choose a Career. The game will once again help you by making you perform the basic movements and tasks. You will be fighting a WWE superstar and you can practice the basic movements. After that, you can start playing the game seriously.

The gameplay is rather simple. There will be a puzzle in RPG style and to attack your enemies, you will need to match the same puzzles with each other to start the combat. Moreover, if you match different color puzzles, it will power up your attacks and deal with the maximum amount of damage.

You can also pin your enemies down or your enemies can do the same. To avoid that, you will need to be extra careful with the damage you’re causing. We recommend you cause a maximum amount of damage so the opponent wouldn’t be able to pin you down. You will get a total of 3 chances to save yourself by matching the pizzle and once you’re done with the initial tutorial, you will need to choose your name.

Recruiting WWE Superstars – Choosing The Right Wrestlers

In WWE Champions, you will be building a team of badasses to take over the world and dominate it. The long-term vision is quite difficult to attain and that’s why having the right wrestlers on your team will help you achieve your dreams.

The game works just like in real life because each wrestler has strengths and weaknesses. Choosing the type of wrestler will heavily depend on how your overall performance will go. Here are the wrestlers available in WWE Champions mobile.

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  1. Strikers: Effective against tricksters
  2. Powerhouses: Effective against Acrobats
  3. Technicians: Effective against Powerhouses
  4. Tricksters: Effective against Technicians
  5. Acrobat: Effective against Showboats
  6. Showboats: Effective against Strikers

Each type of class will have a different color and it means that if you break the gem that is the same color as your wrestler, you will get an overall buff in the game that will allow you to destroy the opponents.

WWE Champions Attacks and Moves Guide

In Champions mobile, the puzzles that you will match will have different effects depending upon their types and numbers. After matching 3 puzzles, you will punch your opponents but if your puzzles are golden, you will get a power-up for your special move. Moreover, every wrestler has a total of 3 special moves that will deal considerably more than normal moves. Hence, to destroy your enemies, you need to power up fast and be as effective as can be.

Never Leave Missions

Another mistake that a lot of beginners make is that they leave the mission in greed for advancing the game quickly. However, the easier way to level up is to not leave any missions, do them religiously, and get mission bags along with special loot to stay ahead of the curve. So, yes, never leave missions off, and do them as much as you can.

Use Recovery Packs Smartly

Using the recovery packs sparingly will help you prolong the battle and ultimately win. While the packs do bring your wrestler to perfect health within a second. But you should always use them strategically and not emotionally. Especially if you have a match against a strong wrestler, try to use the pack’s smarty.

Replay Matches if you have to

It’s really easy to get overwhelmed and leave the match after just a few seconds of losing HP. Because this will drastically reduce the wrestler’s HP and you will even have to use a recovery pack. To get the most out of the situation, even if you lose, you can replay matches to get good experience and loot that will help you get stronger in the next matches.

Final Verdict

This was our list of best Beginners’ Guide to the WWE Champions mobile game. If you are new to the game then these tips will help you not only get ahead of the curve but also avoid a lot of mistakes that beginners make.

wwe champions pc download
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