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Hey there Valorant enthusiasts! Looking for a Valorant tier list? There are a plethora of playable Valorant characters available upon the Valorant 5.07 Update release. It’s safe to say it’s getting a tad bit more difficult organizing a strong capable agents. Well, do not sweat, we have got your back!


There are many components that go into determining what rank an agent is placed in. These include character base stats, available weapons, and important personal play-style. Therefore, it might a tough pill to swallow seeing a character you have invested so much in end up in a lower rank tier. While this may make it a bit more challenging to get past some of the obstacles you can still make it work.


Agents in the high tier are the very best in Valorant including all the criteria listed the earlier paragraph. This makes them very easy to build and are very reliable in team brawls. Some of the lower tier characters may just be niche characters and you have to be able to draw out that innate niche that makes them perform to the best level.


With that said, we hope you find this character tier list that we have put together helpful in your endeavors!


Make sure to check back every now and then as this list is kept up to date with every new riot games update release! (January 2023)


General Tier List


Tier List Rank Criteria

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