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Everybody heard of Valorant because of how successful it really is in Gaming, especially FPS and E-Sports. But, there is one thing that always comes to mind: Which is the Best Game Mode in Valorant that is also useful for players and enjoyable as well?

Well, here we are to discuss the Deathmatch Game Mode in Valorant which is always in the list of Best Game Modes Valorant has to offer, if not The Best. There is nothing too complex about the Deathmatch Game Mode, so we will also dive into the practice segment of Deathmatch as well.

About Deathmatch Game Mode

Deathmatch, just as the name suggests, is a Game Mode in Valorant that focuses on Free for All play. Yes, it is a multiplayer mode where 12 players are playing simultaneously without using their abilities and having to worry about credits to buy weapons or shields.

After you load Valorant Deathmatch Game Mode, you will be brought up to a random map, with random players (if not in a party) and with random characters (agent).

There are two phases in the Deathmatch Game Mode. In the first phase, when you start the game, there is a timer that is much like a warm-up and when it ends, the real Deathmatch starts.

The re-spawn segment of the mode is quite random and players spawn randomly on the map. You do get some XP after finishing this Mode, but you can’t do missions here. Besides this, the Mechanics of the Deathmatch are given below;

Mechanics of Deathmatch Game Mode


  • First of all, the placement of players is completely random in the game, while there are a few locations or areas where players will usually spawn after death.
  • At the time you die in Deathmatch Game Mode, you will respawn in some time, having a plus sign very few times, that indicates where the enemy can be potential. It happens the same for every player who dies in Deathmatch and re-spawns.
  • After re-spawning, you will be invulnerable for some time, which is reduced if you start moving.
  • The map is random and the characters are also random


  • Shields can’t be purchased because Heavy Shields are given to every player without any cost, or having to purchase it.
  • There is no credit system here, you are free to buy any weapon you want without using money.
  • You don’t always have to pick a gun after respawning, rather you will come back alive with the gun that you previously had.

Kills and Replenish

  • After you kill an enemy or character in this Game Mode, you will be given a replenishment of your Ammo. You also don’t have to reload because the gun automatically does it. Keep in mind that there are only 30 bullets given to the Machine Guns.
  • After killing an enemy, there is a Health Sign that drops on the body and remains there for a few seconds, fading away slowly. When you get the Health Sign, you will replenish everything including your Health, your Armor, your Ammo, and also your Reload.

AFK and Leaving

  • If you stay AFK (Away from Keyboard) for a while, your character will be taken out of the game but you will still be inside the Deathmatch, able to join in any moment by making a click or a move.
  • Deathmatch isn’t like other Game Modes in Valorant because here you can leave the game without consequences.

Calculative Aspect and Others

  • The game itself finished in around 40 seconds or nearly 90 minutes in case no one managed to get 40 kills, which is quite rare.
  • After leaving you do get the 900XP you deserved. But for this, you will have to complete the Game Mode completely without leaving.
  • There are a total of 12 Players in the game and if someone disconnects, there is no extra added to the game.
  • There is no threshold for the skills in Deathmatch. An Immortal might be playing with a Silver here.
  • You can’t use abilities here in Deathmatch Game Mode You can’t complete missions in Deathmatch because it would be completely unfair.

What is the purpose of Deathmatch Game Mode?

For the most part, it is not hard to guess this Game Mode is specifically made to practice or even warm up. You are playing against actual players, which allows you to practice tracing, aim control, headshots, reflexes, and so on.

Or, the other purpose of Deathmatch Game Mode is simply to enjoy Valorant for some time without having to deal with consequences like in Competitive. You can leave anytime you want, which makes it quite good for wasting time or making use of it.

How to Play Deathmatch Game Mode?

When you start the game, on your Left side there is a Play button. After clicking that Button you will be brought to various Game Modes in Valorant. By clicking on Deathmatch from the top, you will start playing this Game Mode.

Practicing Guide in Valorant Deathmatch Game Mode

As you already might have guessed, the major purpose of Deathmatch is none other than practicing or warming up. Essentially both are the same, so we have to dive a bit deep into the practice segment of this mode.

Weak Points

Whenever you are playing Valorant Deathmatch, you will have to make sure that your weak points are taken into consideration like your peaks, your headshots, your angles, your movement, and so on.


It wouldn’t be of any use if you just got a machine gun and straight went into enemies without thinking about anything. Your main purpose here is to get those crispy Headshots warm up.

Get yourself a Sheriff if you are already good with others or if you are new, get Vandal or Guardian. Only tap the enemies on headshots, while prohibiting yourself from other things.


Again, nearly the same thing as Headshots, you will have to Strafe and counter Strafe to save yourself from enemies. Strafing is the act where you are moving right and you press the opposite key to break the movement.

At the time you break the movement you have to fire, which is one of the most accurate bullets. Attach it with Headshots to get the most out of your Deathmatch practice.

Again, get something good like a Sheriff for best practice or Vandal and Guardian if you are new to the game.

Final Verdict

Well, that is all to the Valorant Deathmatch Game Mode and it is quite easy to get used to. Valorant Developers already made it as simple as possible for people to get a grasp of, making it exceptional for practicing.

Below the About section of this mode, we have a short Guide to Valorant Deathmatch Game Mode Practicing, to help you get something better out of this mode. Hope this Article helps you understand Deathmatch more clearly now and comment below with your thoughts on this Game Mode.

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