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Mobile gaming seems to be the platform that just keeps on giving. Sure there may be some issues with games full of microtransactions, and in the word of cases, there are even pay-to-win schemes out there too. But that’s the price you pay when there are thousands of games out there, with many more being released every day.

But even with how big of a market it is, it can be surprisingly difficult to find out and hear news from upcoming mobile games. And there’s also the fact that many of the most popular mobile games tend to be centered on some sort of games-as-a-service mechanic. Meaning that they are constantly updating and expanding. This makes a lot of sense, considering that not many people pay the full price of a game for a mobile game. So their revenue should charge small prices here and there.

Anyway, the fact that it’s not as easy to come by news regarding upcoming mobile games does not mean that there are not any good upcoming mobile games. Quite the opposite in fact, and we’ve brought you a list of that!

-Little Nightmares:

Starting things out with a port may not seem like the best thing when it comes to the best upcoming mobile games. But when it comes to a port to a game such as little nightmares, it just feels right. Many things in little nightmares already give out the idea that it should be on a mobile platform, but it just finally made its way into the mobile market now. This iconic game is an excellent title that even won the best indie game award in 2016. It’s a little as if you mix fantastic Burtonesque horror with Studio Ghibli and Limbo. So yes, as you can see this game actually has a lot to offer, and now that it is finally making its way into the mobile world, it means that millions more will be able to enjoy this experience.

-Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile:

Yes, you read that just right. Even though there was already a Call of Duty Mobile game, and it is one of the best online games we have on mobile right now, the popular war franchise wants to take that to the next level. Warzone is the name of their current Call of Duty online-only game available for computer gamers and consoles as well. And now, they are bringing this experience to the mobile world too, even though it’s unclear still if the game will be a cross-platform multiplayer title or if it’s a standalone online world. Whatever the case may be, this new Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is set to be the next step of what already was an incredible online mobile game.

-Honkai: Star Rail:

The Honkai series has been around for quite a while now, and you might already be familiarized with them even without having ever heard about these games in the past. Have you ever heard of a very small game called Genshin Impact? Developer Mihoyo had an already well-established game series out there before releasing their hit piece Genshin Impact. Now, they are finally releasing the fourth entry in the Honkai series, with the title of Star Rail. But unlike its predecessor Honkai Impact 3rd, this new upcoming game is a strategy RPG.

Even though there’s no confirmed release date yet, it already had two closed betas last year, and things are pointing at a new release coming anytime soon. The visuals of these games, as well as the gameplay, are every bit as good as in Genshin Impact, so it’s exciting to see a new entry coming up. It’s a good moment to get into the Honkai series if you still haven’t.

-Rainbow Six Mobile:

If you like shooters, then you most likely have played at least one Rainbow Six game in the past. And they’ve jumped on this train along with Call of Duty by releasing their versions of their games on mobile. However, when it comes to the Rainbow Six series, they have always presented an interesting addition to the whole shooter mechanic, and it is that they give the player more gameplay abilities. This means that there are some cool mechanics, such as using the terrain for cover, destroying walls and objects on the map, and overall having more freedom of movement. We can’t wait to see what they are capable of achieving with this upcoming mobile version.

-Zenless Zone Zero:

Yes, even though we just mentioned a game by developer Mihoo a moment ago, we aren’t finished with them just yet. After all, there’s a reason they are currently one of the most successful mobile game developers. But we aren’t talking about yet another installment in the Honkai series, this time it’s all about a new game, with a completely new setting and world. Zenless Zone Zero is an amazing game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and you have to lead your small team of survivors through many missions to protect your city from the invaders. With the incredible visuals that are now characteristics of all the games made by Mihoyo, Zenless Zone Zero is an incredible-looking game that could be a new hit title.

-Final Fantasy VII: Ever Exile:

After decades of releasing Final Fantasy VII, it seems like Square Enix simply cannot get enough of it. But luckily neither can we, that’s why there are so many variations and spin-offs of the game now that the game is turning 25 years old. This game is a celebration of that, as the visuals are a new twist on the classic, and made to fit perfectly in the modern gaming world.

Unlike the remake they launched on PlayStation a while ago, this game has the same visual styles and idea of the original Final Fantasy VII but is completely remade to fit in the present era. Not only that, but it also features the same gameplay mechanics as the original, and takes the iconic story even further by keeping the same fighting style as the original game. But things go beyond the original game, this narrative goes beyond the original story, as it explores the events in the extended universe of Final Fantasy VII. It’s a free game! But it will be released in an episodic manner though, and the first game is supposed to be released this year, with the rest in the upcoming months.
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