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Top Island 2023 Beginners Guide

You might have heard of this amazing new Mobile Game that goes by the name of Top Island. Well, there is a lot more to it than just meets the eye. It is a Strategic Battle game where you have to go around the sea in your quest for conquest.

There are islands, battles, weapons, buildings, and everything that a play-worthy game needs. Considering all this, you might be looking for more know-how on the game or most importantly a Guide to help you get through it more efficiently.

Don’t worry we have here an amazing Top Island 2023 Beginners Guide just to help you out get the most out of this amazing Smartphone Game. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details.

Top Island Gameplay

Top Island Gameplay

Before we dive into the Top Island Beginners Guide let’s talk a bit about the Gameplay of Top Island as well. For the most part, Top Island is a Strategic Game with a mixture of Battles on top of an Island.

Having Island in the name suggests there is going to be Sea-related content along with exploration. Yes, it has all of that on top of an actual Island having a focal point or a base for the upgradation of your equipment.

You have to choose various buildings and weapons from your large arsenal. Then the Battle System takes place between two Islands which is automated. Your job is simply to put weapons on the Vanguard and Rear of the field using your Brain. Trust us! It’s not as easy as it sounds because you have to create strategies in your mind before you put something. So, this Top Island 2023 Beginners Guide will help you understand the game and get the most out of it.


Tutorial of Top Island

When you start the game there is a short Tutorial that helps you get used to the game. When you spend your time dominating the stages on the battle map, you will get achievements and unlock more content.

Top Island Beginners Guide to Basics

Top Island Basics

When you start the game for the first time, it takes you to the Tutorial, but after its completion, you start off with the actual play. The first ever thing that you need to know in Top Island is the Battle System and how to get the Territories. It is kind of short and gets you going into the mechanics.

The Island in Top Island moves around on the sea and during your trip, you will find some enemies. Defeating them is the goal and afterward getting your victory over the other Island, you gain their resources and their area.

Your Land in Top Island is actually a place where you put Buildings, Weapons, Towers, and many other things to make it stronger. But that can only be done when you gather resources from winning battles.

As you proceed onwards with the game, you become stronger giving you the power to put better equipment on your Land, and the game results in your domination of the entire Sea.

Top Island Battle System

Battle System of Top Island

The most complex thing in Top Island is its Battle System and that is probably why you need to focus more on this segment of our Top Island 2023 Beginners Guide.

So, for the most part, the Battle of Top Island is a fight between two Islands that compromises their own Towers, Buildings, Weapons, and other stuff. On the collision of two Islands, you just have to click on “Battle” and the fight will simply begin.

You don’t have to do anything afterward because it is all Automated and the results are based on your Strategic Placement of Equipment and how Strong that Equipment is. In the end, if you are victorious, you will get a new Land added to the Floating Island.

There are various Rewards as well like Top Island Gold Coins and Resources. In the Boss Battle of Top Island, you also get Cards to get stronger. The hardest part of winning is not the Battle, but rather how you put the Equipment on your Land before the Battle even begins.

When two islands engage in battle both do damage to each other and the Land also gets lost as the health gets lower. But after you win the Battle, the lost land will be regained.

You can upgrade the equipment right before the fight begins using the Exclamation Mark on the screen’s left-bottom side. It will automatically give the best thing to the facility based on what you have.

Yes, there is also a PvP Game Mode for Top Island that you can enjoy in the Challenge Mode that has somewhat the same mechanics.

Top Island Currencies

Currencies in Top Island

In Top Island, you will find around three currencies or mainly known as Diamond/Gems, Gold, and Stamina. In our Top Island 2023 Beginners Guide, we will go into the details of each one.


In Top Island, you will use Gold mainly for the upgradation part, to enhance your Ships, Weapons, and Towers. You can call it a currency to grow stronger.


Gems are used in Top Island to Buy items from Store. Simple as that!


Finally, you can use Stamina in Top Island specifically for Trade.

Currency Rewards

When you complete milestones or do certain things and get rewards in return, those rewards will be either Gold Coins, Shards, or Gems. There are other currencies but these three mentioned are mainly what you get as rewards.

Top Island Beginners Guide to Shards and Upgrades

Shards and Upgrades in Top Island

Now that we have the Basics understood by the Beginners Guide, let’s move on to the Heroes, Towers, and Ships.

For the most part, these three things are available only in Shards (Top Island Currency). If you have enough of them, you can get Upgrades for your Equipment. But, if you don’t have then, you can do some Battles, win the resources, complete quests and you will earn them

Hero, Tower, and Ships are skills in Top Island that give further upgrades to your Buildings and Towers.


For Heroes, there are three categories known as

  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare

The Strength is highest in Legendary and lowest in Rare.


For Tower, there are a total of six categories known as

  • Mythic
  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare
  • Great
  • Common

The best in terms of everything is Mythic and Legendary but you will find them the hardest to acquire.


When it comes to Ships, there are three categories;

  • Legendary
  • Epic
  • Rare

Same as before, the highest one here is Legendary while the lowest one is Rare, based on the difficulty of getting them.

Final Verdict

Well, these are all the details about this incredible Smartphone game we could mention in our Top Island 2023 Beginners Guide. Hope you got an understanding of what this game is all about and what is actually going on here. It is quite a fun game to play and we recommend you get it as early as possible. As a short notice, just keep in mind that the game is based on how you plant your equipment on the Island before the match. If you get enough resources, just increase the buildings and weaponry ASAP to pull more victories.

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