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There are a lot of factors you need to focus on in Summoners War, but the one thing you need to think about the most is Progression. You need to plan out everything, as well as know how the Progress works out here. That way you can plan your resources, time out stuff, and build yourself accordingly. So, to help you out we compiled this Summoners War Progression Guide 2023. 

Clearing Scenarios and Leveling up Monsters

Summoners War Scenarios

The first thing you need to focus on are Scenarios in the Normal Mode. Through them, you can unlock various content that is typically locked. Afterward, you will have to clear zones out and in return, you will get various rewards.

There are a few things we recommend in our Summoners War Progression Guide 2023;

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  • In Aiden, always pick the Energy Rune Set x4
  • In Chiruka, always pick the Blade Set x5

You might even ask why? Well, for the most part, you can make the monsters quite durable and tanky through the Energy Set, which makes the path easier for GB10 (which you have to do next). Furthermore, the Blade Set will be quite useful for the Farming Monsters, making your path easier for the Faimon Hard Mode First Stage. 

In case you still struggle with some of the stages up-front like the Boss Stages, just use the Friend Rep Mons in Summoners War.


Summoners War Progression Guide Goal 2 – GB10

After you have done the Scenarios and you also passed through the Faimon Hard Mode, now it is time to touch the Giant’s Keep Basement 10 or popularly known as the GB10. 

The real success here is not only passing it but rather farming the high-quality runes. So, our recommendation in the Summoners War Progression Guide 2023 would be to focus on the runes and the rest of the journey is going to be much easier. 

When you prepare the team for this, just make sure that the Veromos Fusion is already done. The reason is that the team will be farming for the GB10 and doing Vermos Fusion will make it much easier to do. 


Summoners War Progression Guide Goal 3 – TOAN

Just like we mentioned, passing GB10 isn’t the goal here, but rather farming it. So, it means you don’t have to worry about having 100 percent succession, rather you need to make sure that there is a farming succession of 85 percent in GB10 through your team. 

Now, the next step is TOAN or famously referred to as the Tower of Ascension Normal. Keep in mind that it is not regular content, but rather a special one that you can only go to one time in a single month. The good news is that you can farm for a ton of rewards here, including the top three;

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  • F70 Devilmon
  • F90 Light and Dark Scroll
  • F100 Legendary Scrolls

These are some of the most amazing and craziest things you can get in the game as a Beginner. That means even if you are not able to participate that often, the rewards you are getting are worth the single shot each month. 

Most of the time you will see players ignoring TOAN after GB10 but we went straight to it after having an 85 percent succession rate with GB10 Team. The reason is that you can actually use that same team to clear TOAN, but the Mons you need to make for it is none other than Baretta, who is quite easy to fuse. 


Summoners War Progression Guide Goal 4 – DB10

Now you have a Team that farmed some crazy Runes from GB10, as well as TOAN. It is exactly the time to rush for the DB10 or also known as Dragon’s Lair Basement 10. You might have heard that TOAN has some amazing rewards in Summoners War but honestly, DB10 has the best ones in the whole game. 

It compromises the Most Violent and Powerful Rune Sets in the game. Using the Violent Runes can not only benefit you internally but can boost the account strength a lot. You can use these Runes on the various Monsters including your Support Mons, as well as your Attack Mons. 


Summoners War Progression Guide Goal 5 – TOAH

Violet Runes can be found in DB10 and after you actually get them, your next Goal in our Summoners War Progression Guide 2023 is to rush for the TOAH or Tower of Ascension Hard. Yes, it is the Hard Mode for TOA we are talking about here.

One thing to mention here is that TOAH (Hard) and TOAN (Normal), both have the same rewards, but the only difference is the damage and HP of foes, which is way more in TOAH.

Then again, why would we suggest going for TOAH in our Progression Guide? When you clear F70 TOAH, you will get a per month reward of two Devilmons. These can help you skill up the Mons x5

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Summoners War Progression Guide Goal 6 – R5

Your previous Goal was to go for at least an F70 TOAH and then you are good to move on for the R5 Team in Summoners Way. The next stop is the Rift of Worlds Raid Level 5, where you will get two of the essential items for the rune to supercharge. These items are;

  • Grindstones
  • Enchanted Gems

Grindstones are used in Summoners War for boosting the sub-stats, while Enchanted Gems are used to charge one sub-stat of any rune you choose. 

After farming R5, you will have some good boost in Rune Strength which is already possessed from the previous goals in our Progression Guide to Summoners War.


Summoners War Progression Guide Goal 7 – NB10

Your second last Goal is NB10 or Necropolis Basement 10, making you grind for an incredible NB10 Team. Since your last goal in Summoners War Progression is always PvP content, you will have to get NB10 Runes here.

R5 was done first in our Progression Guide and the reason is that the NB10 Rules aren’t quite useful in the R5, rather the enchantments and grinds you get in R5 will aid you in NB10. 

Get the Runes in NB10 and you are good to go for PvP like Guild Wars, Arenas, and Real-Time Arenas.

PvP – End Game Goal in Summoners War Progression Guide 2023

Summoners War Progression Guide Goal 8 – PvP

Now that you passed all the stages mentioned in our Summoners War Progression Guide 2023, you will have an excellent NB10 Team. Through it, you will be able to farm good PvP Runes and make the PvP Mons for the real challenges. 

Every Week you will get a good amount of Crystals but after you are doing well in the Guild Wars and Ranked in the Arena. 

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