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Summoners War is a really unique Smartphone Game that is based on strategic decisions and has turns for players to make the best use of. In the realm of Summoners War, there is always the term GB10 used. For the most part, it is referred to as the Giants Keep Basement 10.

It is one of the Dungeons in Summoners War and Ancient Giant is also present in this part of Cairos Dungeon. You can earn quite a lot of things here, but you have to be careful what you are dealing with. So, here we have an amazing Guide to Summoners War GB10, to help you pass the first GB10 without wandering around clueless.

Why GB10?

Honestly, this is a question every beginner of Summoners War will ask before they go for the GB10. If you are looking for the Legendary Runes, especially for the first time, this Dungeon is the only thing that can help you farm it.

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Besides this, there are various rewards from GB10 as well which are worthy of going for this challenge.

What will you get?

After you get the boss from GB10, you can get the 5 or 6-star runes that are one of the strongest runes in the whole Summoners War game. You will have to make decisions on different ranks, so be wise in this matter.

Furthermore, you will also get the Metamorphosis Essences and Stones, Arcenmon, Summoning Stones, and Scrolls.

Giants Castle

In the Cairos Dungeon, you will find the Giant Castle. Here you will be introduced to the main bosses referred to as;

  • Necropolis
  • Castel Du Geant
  • Dragon’s Lair

Strategy for Summoners War GB10

When you start the game, the first challenge that comes upfront is Summoners War GB10. There are a total of around 12 Floors and each one has 4 Waves.

GB10 First Wave

There are two Golems and two Crystals in the first wave of GB10 Summoners War. The Golems will control the whole wave, while Crystals are for Heavy Damage.

GB10 Second Wave

In the next stage, called the second GB10 Summoners War Stage, there are mini-bosses. The actual formation here is mini boss Golem along with two Golems. They will have various attacks like;

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It is a passive attack from the Second wave that allows the Golem to take less damage but after the HP drops to half.


The Golem makes a stunning shockwave that has a chance of 25 percent. Furthermore, there is also a 10 percent chance of the target provoking and will enhance depending on the defense of Golem.

Freezing Blow

This ability allows the Golem to attack the enemy with damage according to the defense and also freezes the enemy with a 50 percent chance.

GB10 Third Wave

This is the second last Wave in GB10 Summoners War. Here you will face around two Crystals and three Golems. The Golems will control the wave, while the damage is from the crystal’s side.

GB10 Fourth Wave – Boss

This is the Final Wave in GB10, where you will have to fight with the Boss. It is the real problem causing Wave as you will have to use various strategies and will have to make a proper team in order to take the Boss down.

Counter Attacks

After 7 Seconds, the Boss will go for Counter Attacks. In this segment, the Boss will go for the following attacks.

  • Repel – It is the Passive attack that activates after 7 Turns and Counter Attacks.
  • Rock Fall – A Rockfall will occur that attacks you and also freezes for a whole turn. The Freeze is a chance and it isn’t quite high.
  • Great Earthquake – Just as the name suggests, there will be an Earthquake that does quite high damage to you and for 3 turns, it will also reduce the attack gauge.

Skills Required

So, to make yourself victorious in this Final Wave, you will have to utilize various Skills and do damage at the right moment. You will have to use Skills like;

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  • Armor Debuff – This is an essential skill that you need to have in the team in order to actually take down the Boss. The Golem Boss has a lot of armor that makes it impossible for you to damage him. In order to actually do something you need to have Armor Debuff and Big Attacker on the team.
  • ATB Reduce – This Golem Boss is known for taking down monsters with single blows. To actually help you with that, you need Attack Gauge Reducer on the team. Have it to make the team survive for longer and in return, you can actually defeat the Boss.
  • DOT – It isn’t a secret that this Boss is going to have an exceptionally large HP. DOT or Continuous damage is essential to kill the Boss before he can actually kill you.

Monster Selection

This Final Boss is based on the Water Element, meaning you can’t pick a Fire Element Monster in your team. If you do so, the effects will be negligible. On the contrary, you need to pick the Monster that has Wind Favor on the side.

Best Team for Summoners War GB10

You can pick the best one you think you can defeat the Boss with, but there are some famous ones that will allow you to have the most Farm in this short time. So, your team should have;


Enhances the HP of Ally and also increases the Attack Gauge. Furthermore, the amazing thing is that there is a Boss Debuff as well.

  • Rune – Violent/Energy in VIT/PV/PV


Helps in stunning the wave that comes before the Boss himself and also to put that Continuous Damage to the Boss.

  • Rune – Violent/Energy VIT/PV/PV


Darion will help you put the ATB of Boss reduced, while for the Defense of Boss, there is a Debuff.

  • Rune – Violent/Energy HP/Def/PV or VIT/PV/PV


Puts a Debuff, as well as enhances the Attack Gauge.

  • Rune – Quick/Focus VIT/PV/PV


Shannon will enhance the Team Attack Gauge, as well as the Defence. Afterward, there is a Boss ATB Reduction as well by Shannon.

  • Rune – Despair/Energy VIT/PV/PV

Final Verdict

Well, that is all in our Guide to Summoners War GB10. It might sound complex to some Beginners but in reality, when you have the right team and strategy to take the Boss down, there isn’t any issue. If you found this Guide helpful, feel free to let us know in the Comment Section.

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