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Every Mobile games lover knows about Summoners War and recently Chronicles has been getting a lot of hype because of its Team RPG Action play. If you are already playing Summoners Way, then you know that Team Building is one of the main things to aim for.

So, considering this, we compiled this Summoners War Chronicles Team Composition Guide. Here we will be discussing the Best Team you can go for and how you can actually make them. Therefore, without any further delay, let’s get straight into our Guide.

Team Composition Guide for Each Summoner

There are three Summoners who are considered the most important ones in Summoners War Chronicles. For the most part, you can pick anyone without having to worry about anything, but it is always important to pick a single one based on Power.

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As a Beginner, you need to familiarize yourself with the Power of each Summoner that holds the most importance and then finalizes based on the companion Monsters Set best suited to them.

Summoners War Kina

You might have heard of Kina often because of how talented she is considering other Summoners. Kina is also the youngest in our Summoners War Chronicles Team Composition Guide.

Kina is actually from the Healer Class and the best part about her is that she deals a ton of damage alongside healing because of that massive hammer she has with her. Alongside this, she has a grasp over both the Defensive and Attack Powers, while doing the help part from long distances.

Considering all of the above-mentioned abilities and mechanics related to Kina, you can patch her up greatly with the Monsters of Mage Class and Warrior Class. Mage Class because of the hallucinating spells and Warrior Class because they can fight on Frontline.

Together Kina who is our Summoner will Heal the team while staying behind, helping the Frontline Fire-based Monsters to defeat the enemies.

Mage Class Monsters

In the category of Mage Class Monsters, you can go with Wind Style or Water Style Polar Queen

The Mystical Powers of the Polar Queen will help Kina in fighting the Hallucinated Troops. Because of the Abilities of Kina and the Gameplay from a long distance, the fights become way easier with the Polar Queen beside Kina.

Warrior Class Monster

In the category of Warrior Class Monsters, you can go with the Light Style or Fire Style Chimera

You can thrash the enemies using Chimera and Kina Combo quickly. The good thing with this Flying Beast is that you get Attack Power along with Wings, giving you both Damage and Defensive attributes.

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If things are getting out of hand, you can simply use the Breath Range to dominate around three enemy troops.

Summoners War Cleaf

Unlike Kina, Cleaf is a Tank Class in Summoners War and a Frontline Attacker Class as well. Physically Cleaf has that beautiful Shield in one hand and a Magical Mace-type of Sword in another. Combining those two, Cleaf just rushes straight to combat with both Defence and Attack Powers.

That is enough to point out that in Summoners War Chronicles Team Composition Guide Cleaf is considered the best balance between Attack and Defense. Alongside the abilities of Cleaf, you will need a Supporter Monster or Dark Monster.

The reason for selecting the Support class is their backup while the Dark Mage will use the Psychic Power along with the Special Casts when Cleaf is fighting on the Front line.

Dark Mage Class Monster

In the category of Dark Mage Class, you can go for Dark Style Vampire only because of those Psychic Abilities. The Manipulation Spells go well with the Play Style of Cleaf as they are cast from a distance.

The enemies will be trapped in an Illusion world, making it easier for you to win up front in the Battle Field.

Support Class Monster

The Category of Support Class you need to go for is the Wind Style Occult Girl here. She is considered one of the best Support Classes in Summoners war and that is probably why we mentioned her here in our Team Composition Guide.

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There is an exceptional Defence Power on Occult Girl and that Wind Style gives fire cover possible for Cleaf in Summoners War. She also has ranged attacks that can help you clear the field.

Summoners War Orbia

Finally, in our Summoners War Chronicles Team Composition Guide we are going to mention Orbia. She is also considered the Best Magician to exist so far in Summoners War.

So, what does she have unique in her arsenal? There are both hallucinating and psychic powers. Amazingly she can travel to other Realms as well, which is quite unique. On the side of Attack and Defense powers, she has a few of those, but she can take on the fight from a distance.

After reading all of the above descriptions about Orbia in Summoners War it isn’t hard to predict that Support and Warrior Classes are the best suited for her. Warrior because she is a Caster and Support to provide Cover Fire.

Support Class Monster

You can go for either the Light Style or the Fire Style Archangel in the Support Class Genre alongside Orbia. Archangels are known for taking fights head-on with their Swords. Further, they have Manipulation powers along with Aura Source.

In Summoners War, they also have one of the Best Attack Powers and can take fights as both Support and Knight Class.

Warrior Class Monster

The only thing in the Warrior Class that goes well with Orbia is the Fire-Style Monkey King. In Summers Way, these Monsters have the Best Attack Powers along with quite strong Physical Strength and can dodge attacks.

There is a Stick in hands of the Monkey King which is their Shield and Fighting Weapon which allows the King to make some Confusing Moves.

Final Verdict

These are all the Best Summoners and Team Composition that go well with each of them. In our Summoners War Chronicles Team Composition Guide you will find the Three Best Summoners in detail while having the Best Monsters that go well with each other. We also went ahead and mentioned why they are going well together. Hope this Guide helped you make the Best Team in Summoners War and feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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