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We all wait anxiously for a new update in Summoners War that brings us something to grind for and fight with. Recently, the developers of Summoners War brought a new raid Boss by name of Naraka that you can go out in search of.

Along with Naraka, there is a new assistant named Raven who is also included in the Major Update for Summoners War. The real issue with Naraka is that she isn’t quite as easy to defeat. A Dragon that breathes fire, has a huge figure, causes earthquakes, and summons dangerous spirits – Naraka is one challenging Raid Boss to cross paths with.

So, considering you might be looking for some useful information to help you Defeat Naraka, we compiled this Summoners War Chronicles Guide to Naraka Raid Boss where we will give you some tips on finishing this Challenging Fire Breathing Dragon. Therefore, without any further delay, let’s get started with your Naraka Raid Boss Guide.

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Who is Naraka Raid Boss?

On December 12th the Developers of Summoners War Chronicles released a major update news that brings to you a new Raid Boss by name of Naraka and a Monster by name of Raven.

Naraka is the latest entry who is actually a massive dragon, spitting fire and has quite difficult skills to tackle. The things we know about Naraka is that she will have an Earthquake Skill that does AoE Damage.

To cause trouble and help her in combat, she will call upon some Spirits. Naraka isn’t just your average Raid Boss, rather is more fierce, aggressive, and has powerful attacks as well. To help you Defeat Naraka Raid Boss, we have here Summoners War Chronicles Guide to Naraka Raid Boss.

Guide and Tips to Defeat Naraka Raid Boss

Below we will give you some tips on how to actually defeat Naraka Raid Boss in Summoners War Chronicles.

Knowledge about Naraka Skills

Summoners War is a strategic game and no doubt that Naraka Raid Boss is going to be all about abilities, rather than something else. So, in order to Defeat Naraka Raid Boss more efficiently, you will have to understand the skills that she will use in combat against you.

The majority of the Skills from Naraka will be related to effective removal from you. All the beneficial effects that are related to you will be removed by Naraka. The techniques you apply on other Raid Bosses will surely not work here like White Shadow Castle Raid, where you have beneficial effects on yourself.

Just as we already mentioned in our Summoners War Chronicles Guide to Naraka Raid Boss, this boss is related to damage. We know it from a race similar to the Elite Foggy Prison.

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This further means that Naraka having her ultimate skill will finish you off at the moment and there are no mechanics that can save you. So, to clear this Raid, you will need a Summoner like Kina.

Furthermore, Naraka has a debuff related to Dragon Breath. The issue with this is that the Dragon Breath will stack on you, putting one debuff on another and improving the effects. You will take more damage from this Raid Boss with each Stack.

To save yourself from all of this and Defeat Naraka Raid Boss, you will need to have the right Monster beside you, which we will discuss in our next Tip.

Gathering the Right Monsters

If you have the Right Monsters with you, the Raid becomes easy and the same is applied with Naraka. To tackle Naraka we recommend you go with the following Monsters.

Harmful Effect Removal Monsters

First of all, the set of Monsters you need to aim for should have Harmful Effect Removal abilities. Just like we already mentioned in our Guide to Naraka Raid Boss that there will be a lot of Effect Removal Skills. You need to tackle it by having the set of Monsters with you.

When Naraka will use her Dragon Breath, the effects will Stack up, not only causing more damage and trouble to you but also triggering her other skills. You only need to make sure that this doesn’t happen because a Damage Raid Boss will destroy you immediately when Skills get triggered upon Stacking.

Therefore you will need some Harmful Effect Removing Monsters like;

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  • Anavel
  • Rina
  • Lulu

AoE Monsters

Besides the Effect Removal Monsters, you can go for the AoE Monsters, having Area of Effect abilities. We also mentioned that Naraka will call upon other Monsters to aid her in combat.

To tackle that, you will have to get a monster with AoE Abilities because they can get rid of those Naraka Summons quickly.

CC Crowd Controlling Monsters

Besides this, the Monsters from Naraka Summoning will have a large shield as well. To Tackle that you will have to get someone with Crowd Control Abilities like Root, Freeze, Slow, Stun, and so on. These are all the things you need to get alongside your Summoner to Defeat Naraka Raid Boss easily.

Defeating Naraka Raid Boss

Finally, the last issue with Naraka Raid Boss is timing. You can’t do it patiently and expect yourself to win the fight, rather you will have to kill the summoned Monsters, survive the Skills of Naraka, and beat her before she gets the ultimate.

There are some speculations that Assassin Monsters are also good for the Naraka Raid Boss along with some Damage Monsters that focus on single monsters. It can quickly burn the health of Naraka and help you defeat her.

So, you also need to make sure that your team has good damage output, applying debuffs to take the defense of Naraka and defeat her ultimately.

Final Verdict

This is all in our Summoners War Chronicles Guide to Naraka Raid Boss. We mentioned some Tips and steps to tackle the abilities of Naraka, while we also Guided you on the top monsters whom you can use beside your Summoner to defeat her. Hope this Guide helped you get the most out of this Raid Boss fight and feel free to let us know your thoughts in the Comment Section.

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