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Summoners War is quite a popular mobile game that every strategic game lower likes to play. But it somehow lost the popularity in between the years and again in 2023 it is getting a lot of bom. For the amateurs who know what the actually game it, there isn’t any issue, but the newcomers have a lot to learn. So, to help the players who are just getting started, here is an amazing Summoners War 2023 Beginners Guide. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details of this guide.

Summoners War Explained

Summoners War is a Smartphone game created by Com2uS and has strategic 3D turn-based multiplayer gameplay. There are Summoners and Monsters in the game that you have to play, as well as fight with.

As an strategic game, you slowly progress further. In the process, you will collect various monsters, using them in battle, and upgrading them to make things easier in upcoming stages. You can go for PVP content in which you challenge other players or you can go for the PVE content where you play by your own self, fighting other monsters and Raid Bosses.

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With each progression, you level up and you will find stronger enemies. Sometimes you encounter bosses at the end of certain locations. What’s fascinating is that each boss is different from others, having their own set of abilities, weaknesses, levels, strengths, and powers.

Being a popular game many think that this game has exploration, but being a Summoners War 2023 Beginners Guide we have to carry on this bad news that it is the other way around. You sure get to travel to various new islands, locations, art styles, and meet different monsters with contrasting challenges, but it isn’t like a story. You just meet the enemies, fight them and proceed onwards with the level.

All in one, your job in Summoners War is to use different Monsters strategically with your Summoner, win battles, get the rewards and find new Monsters with the resources.

Summoners War Beginners Guide to Terminologies

First of all, the essential thing you need to understand as a beginner are terminologies in Summoners War. There are quite a lot, so we will go through them one by one in detail.

  • Mon – these are known as monsters and referred to as units, not depending on whether they are actually monsters or not
  • Feed and food – these are the monsters that power up other monsters
  • Lock – stops from accidentally destroying monsters or feeding them
  • Grind, farm, grinding, and farming – this means you are doing the same things again in a loop for specific gain.
  • LD – rare units that are either dark or light
  • 2A – this is the second awakening, pointing out the second power-up from the special experience farm, gaining a buff or name that is unique
  • Awaken – power the monsters through the essence you get from the dungeon of caiross, getting a unique buff or a unique name.
  • F2P – refers to free-to-play meaning you are not spending anything on the game.
  • SD – it is called the secret dungeon that opens through the elemental dungeon. After you have done them around 10 or 5 times, there are certain pieces you can put together to call upon the monsters.
  • Attainable – monsters without summoning like fusions, secret dungeon monsters, and monsters that you get as a free reward
  • Nat 2 to 5 – it refers to the natural stars of the unit and also the base unawakened state stars
  • Fusion – using the fusion hexagram building you can put together certain monsters and fuse them. To learn about it, you can check out summoners way, which will also give you the wind dryad free.
  • Summoner Way – this is the built-in game guide or quest guide. There is a button on your screen under the info for an account.
  • Devil – this refers to the devilment which is a monster of black power up. In case you might not be aware of it, devilmon is referred to as the most valuable resource of Summoners War.
  • Tricaru – a PVE team asset that refers to the awakened Icarus for 3 seconds. Icarus is the water inagami and after going through the process mentioned in the mini guide, you can search for the specific guides for building Tricaru.

Guide to Monsters In Summoners War

If you reached this spot in out Summoners War 2023 Beginners Guide, then it means you have read the terminologies. Coming to the main point of Monsters in Summoners War, there are quite a lot of them in the game. On the natural level, there are only two that you want to understand as a beginner. These two levels are the;

  • 5 stars natural monsters
  • 4 stars natural monsters

Below, we will go into the details of these monsters so that you can get to know about them clearly as a beginner. Again, keep in mind there are other stars for neutral monsters in the game but as a beginner, you want to be aware of these two.

5 Stars Natural Monsters

These are quite difficult monsters in the world of Summoners War only because of their Synergies. If you somehow received 5-star Monster in the game, then you should do your absolute best to build it up.

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Tier S Monsters

Several 5 stars natural monsters in Tier S are;

  • From fire – Rica
  • From wind – Feng Yan, Ganymede, Jamire, And Savannah
  • From water – Bastet, And Woosa

In Summoners War the Tier S 5-star natural monsters are not the perfect ones in every aspect, rather have their own pros and cons. Still, Tier S is termed as versatile and the above-mentioned are great for the PVP content. If you are looking for our recommendation in Summoners War 2023 Beginners Guide for 5-star Tier S Monsters, we recommend you stick with the ones mentioned above.

Tier A Monsters

Several 5 stars natural monsters in Tier A are;

  • From fire – Zaiross, Perna, Karnal, And Jeogun
  • From wind – Riley, Leo, Xing Zhe, And Seara
  • From water – Alicia, Mo Long, Poseidon, And Psamathe

These Tier A 5-Star Monsters in Summoners War don’t have that much potential in contrast to the S Tier. But, you can use them in the PVP content much more effectively in comparison to the PvE Content.

4 Stars Natural Monsters

Just like the 5 stars, they are divided into their respective Tiers.

Tier S Monsters

  • From fire – Kaki
  • From wind – Lushen
  • From water – Galleon
  • From LD – Martina, Molly, Kinki, And Betta

These monsters have good strengths and meant mainly for the use in PVP content. Also, they aren’t quite versatile, unlike the Tier S 5-Star Monsters we mentioned above in our Summoners War Beginners Guide.

Lushen here can be fused with fire brother for various skill-ups. But, to do that you have to meet various process requirements. Keep in mind that these Monsters specialize in only one field, so use them accordingly.

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Tier A Monsters

  • From fire – Carcano, Clara, Verde, And Fire Twins
  • From wind – Triana
  • From water – Water Twins And Tyron
  • From LD – Frigate, Halphas, Tablo, Amarna, And Iris

As always, these monsters come with good strengths. The twins have the most power but the drawback for them is their skill-up, which isn’t quite good. Using fusion you can go for the skill up of Verde, Iris, Triana, And Tyron. So, these are the 4 Star Tier A Monsters in Summoners War you need to stick around with if you are newbie.

Final Verdict

Well, that is all in our Summoners War 2023 Beginners Guide. The game is quite vast and you have to spend a lot of time in order to get better. It might be an RPG game for mobile but it isn’t like the usual games. It is Strategic game, where no story is involved, rather you have to focus most on the Monsters along with the Summoners. For beginners, the most unusual things are the terminologies and monsters, which we discussed in our guide. Hope this Guide helped you out!

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