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Raid Shadow Legends is an interesting role-playing mobile game that holds a special place in all mobile gaming communities. But, for a beginner, this game is kind of hard to understand because of that Gatcha System and a ton of Champions to choose from. To help you out, here we have amazing Raid Shadow Legends Beginner Tips for 2023. 

Beginner Tips for Raid Shadow Legends – To Do

Below, we will be sharing with you some of the things you should do in Raid Shadow Legends as a Beginner. Later on, we will also be sharing what not to do in Raid Shadow Legends, so read the Beginners Guide onwards for that.

Raid Shadow Legends Adventure

The whole Raid Shadow Legends game takes place in the realm of Teleria with a scourge and there are tons of Champions that you can play with, to save your land. 

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Affinity System of Raid Shadow Legends

In the game, you will come across various affinities and in order to get the most out of the game, you need to understand those. They are balanced in the land and each one goes to a disadvantage or advantage over the other. There are 4 affinities;

  • Void Affinity – It is represented by Purple and has no weakness or counter
  • Force Affinity – It is represented by Red Color and it is good against Blue while bad against Green
  • Spirit Affinity – It is represented by Green Color and it is good against Red while bad against Blue
  • Magic Affinity – It is represented by Blue Color and it is good against Green while bad against Red

These 4 Affinites should be understood and utilized in the game because they are the factor that decides whether you will lose or win in combat.

Auto Battle should be Turned Off

Auto Batte is a feature that helps you with the game, but as you go onward, things get quite difficult and complicated, and you need to turn it off. With things getting harder, you need to understand Synergies and make up a team of Champions. 

Understanding and getting used to New Champions require Skills and for that reason, our Raid Shadow Legends Beginner Tip 2023 would be to turn off Auto Battle and enjoy the game in Manual Mode. 

Equipping Champions

Raid Shadow Legends has a ton of mechanics to look out for. You can do the same story again and again to solve the mysteries of the world or you can go to the dangerous dungeons to make your Champions stronger. 

But, all of these things require good gear on your Champion. You can get Champion Gear from Campaign and then, you can use it to get Dungeons for better rewards.

Going onwards with Progress Missions

The tutorial is kind of short and in order to get the best training we recommend in this Raid Shadow Legends Beginner Guide, you get on with the Progress Missions. You will get Rewards in the process, which makes up for your precious time.

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Join a Clan Yourself!

Joining a Clan is important in Raid Shadow Legends but Joining a Clan you like is more important. Don’t go in any random Clan, rather our Beginner Tip for Raid Shadow Legend would be to understand Community first and then go on with the Clan. 

Get the Three Star Ratings

There is Star-Based Completion in Raid Shadow Legends and getting used to those 3 Star ones is essential in the Campaign Missions. When you score higher, you will earn more Rewards, so go back to the missions you scored less in and try to pump it up to 3 Stars for various Rewards.

Upgrading the Gear

Don’t forget to upgrade your Gear as well here. The collected Gear can be upgraded to a maximum of +16. After leveling up the Items, there are further Stats as a Bonus for every 4 stages of the Upgrade. 

Therefore, don’t be shy about getting Common Items and Upgrading them onward because that is how Raid Shadow Legends works. Don’t be hasty with the Upgrade because +12 is pretty good for beginners and things get expensive as you proceed. 

Ranking Champions

When you Rank a Champion you need to destroy other Champions of the same Rank. Don’t rush on with this process because once you get rid of one Champion, you can’t get it back. Play with the Low-Level Champions a bit and try to sacrifice them in the process.

Beginner Tips for Raid Shadow Legends – Not to Do

Now it is time to mention the things that you shouldn’t do in our Raid Shadow Legends Beginner Tips 2023 Guide.

Don’t Cry about the First Champion Choice

When you complete the Tutorial, you will get to choose from four champions. It doesn’t matter what you choose because from, onwards you can pick all of them. Check the factors you like and finalize decisions based on design.

Don’t stop the Grind

There will be various instances when you will face enemies that are outclassing you in every possible way. Well, it doesn’t mean you stop the grind, rather it means that they have done it and you can do it too. 

Do the Campaign Missions again, go to Dungeons, and indulge yourself in Adventures to become the true champions of Raid Shadow Legends. 

Don’t Run Away from Team Comp

Raid Shadow Legends is all about Team Build and exploring the best team you can possibly make. Yes, you should always be changing your Team and making it Optimal, but don’t be hasty with that. 

Sometimes you will fall in love with a Specific Team Build as well. Therefore, you don’t have to run from those and try to upgrade the Champions in the Team you love.

Don’t forget to Login Daily

Grinding is a way to get stronger in Raid Shadow Legends but there are Login Bonuses in the game as well. They will give you various Materials and Unlock other things which you can collect. For new players, there are some interesting rewards. 

So, our Raid Shadow Legends Beginners Tip for 2023 would be to Log in to your account daily and get the gifts to boost yourself. 

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