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It isn’t possible that a person existing in today’s era doesn’t know about Pokemon Go. It is one of the most sought out and viral games to ever exist, especially in the domain of Smartphone Gaming. But, there is one thing that takes the game to another level which is its AR Game Mode.

Well, we are here for that specific reason to discuss the Pokemon Go AR+ Game Mode which is an improvement over the famous AR Game Mode and took the community once again by storm. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details of this Game Mode.

About Pokemon Go AR+ Game Mode

Being a Phone Game that is based on capturing Pokemon with your phone swipes, camera, and mapping, you can’t literally go wrong with an Augmented Reality introduction here. Everyone is a fan of Pokemon where you see various creatures that battle each other, get upgraded with time and have their own storyline.

You have small balls that allow you to capture the pokemons and then recall them afterwards when need be – it’s more like a home for them. Pokemon Go is based on the same concept, but to make it realistic the developers put up a game mode called AR Game Mode.

The AR+ Game Mode enhances the experience of previous AR mode in Pokemon Go. But there are few restrictions here in Pokemon Go AR+ Game Mode that limits the amount of gamers able to play this.

When you use the AR+ Game Mode in Pokemon Go, you will have Pokemon anchored to the real world through your Smartphone Camera, which you can obviously see on your Smartphone screen.

Furthermore, the deal here in AR+ Game Mode is that the Pokemon are actually aware of what the player is doing and try to react to that. You can see that awareness effect through an icon appearing over the head of Pokemon.

What’s in this Game Mode and what’s the difference?

Mosty, you won’t be able to catch the difference if you didn’t try out the AR Game Mode that first came out for the Pokemon Go fans. If you know what AR Game Mode is like, then you will surely find the difference in AR+ Game Mode.

In the new AR+ Game Mode, you will find the Pokemon sticking to the ground in a 3D manner that goes quite well with the environment of the world. Same as we already discussed, it is much more realistic. You can go around them if you like, just like a human being in real life. Furthermore, they are also aware of how you are proceeding, either walking or running.

The traditional AR Mode doesn’t have them sticking to the ground or the environment, they are kind of levitating on the ground and sticking to the picture like we see 3D images. They are also not that aware of your reactions, either you are running, walking or doing something else.

Unlike the traditional AR Game Mode, in AR+ you will find things more challenging. There is that element of Stealth that makes it quite hard, while you will also be getting more bonuses here than usual.

Here, you have improved features and stability. It works on the Google ARCore technology as well as the Apple ARKit tech that makes it energy efficient and also quite realistic.

What do you need?

So, the limitation here is that AR+ Game Mode is kind of heavy dependent on the tech you are using. It needs to be higher than an iphone 6, having an iOS 11 Running on to actually enable this game mode.

Furthermore, if you are using an Android, you need to have Android 7 or beyond that. For the requirements section, you need to have a somewhat good Smartphone that can handle games without lagging, overheating, good battery time or issues like that.

Limitations of AR+ Game Mode

While the technology is quite new in contrast to other visual based tech, Augmented Reality has its limitations which are also seen in the AR+ Game Mode.

External Limitations

Here, you will have to take notice that the environment is neither too dark, nor too lit.

In the case of Darkness, you will have to turn these features off because the camera can’t process images in Darkness nor in too much lit area. You also have to be careful about the landscape, it needs to be a bit flat in order to process AR+ Game Mode.

Internal Limitations

While these are external issues, the internal issues are related mostly to the Gyroscope and the internal Phone Limitations. The AR+ Game Mode in Pokemon does require the ultimate power from the phone and if that isn’t provided, the game won’t be able to run this Game Mode.

Catching Pokemon in AR+ Game Mode

Catching Pokemon is the main purpose of Pokemon Go and that carries to the Pokemon Go AR+ Game Mode.


Make some movement in this Game Mode, check your surroundings and before actually catching your Pokemon take a look around so that you are in a safe place to start.


To begin with catching Pokemon in this Game Mode, you have to first enable it. First thing to note here is that you need to have a Smartphone that actually allows you to use the Game Mode.

Detection and Environment

Before you actually get Pokemon in the AR Game Mode, you have to let the Smartphone detect the environment for AR to kick in perfectly. Move the camera slowly and don’t rush this stuff. While it sounds a little too restrictive, you need to have a flat surface and once things are settled you will see grass appearing.

Finding Pokemon

In the grass you will find the Pokemon and touch that area to actually make the Pokemon get out of hiding.


In the AR+ Game Mode you have to be careful about your movement and your reach. Try to go slow with the Pokemon and aim for low on the Awareness Meter. In case things don’t go well and Pokemon fill up the Awareness Meter, that Pokemon will run away in the grass. If you can approach them, you will be given XP and extra bonus.
Give your Pokemon some stuff like Nanab Berry to lower Awareness.

Poke Ball

The last step is capturing the Pokemon and when you are able to engage them, you will be given the opportunity to successfully throw your Poke ball and capture that Pokemon.

Final Verdict

All in one, the Pokemon Go AR+ Game Mode is quite an amazing thing to experience whether you are a fan of Pokemon Go or not. The peak of technology can be seen in this Game Mode where you get to enjoy realistic creatures and traditional Pokemon style capture. If you loved this article, feel free to give us your thoughts in the Comment Section.

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