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There was some news roaming around of New Genshin Impact Characters getting released recently. Content for the 3.4 Update just got confirmed, but with that Genshin Impact somehow leaked their New Fontaine Characters as well. Here in this guide, we are going to discuss what are the New Characters in Genshin Impact Fontaine, what’s the news and how are characters going to be.

News on Leaked Fontaine Characters

New Genshin Impact Characters Leaked

Typically, we know that Genshin Impact developers release a new update round-about after six weeks, but if it is an urgent thing, the time is reduced to 3 weeks. Before any major leak, we get the Beta Testing available for any possible errors, glitches, or issues. 

There are some Dataminers who found out about the details of Genshin Impact 3.4 Update before we even got its private beta. Now, miHoYo announced their Genshin Impact 3.5 beta and Dataminers again got a hang of some stuff from there.

Soon, the Genshin Impact 3.4 Update is going to be Live for players to enjoy, also giving out a new region called Fontaine. From the news of miHoYo, there are going to be a total of 11 new characters included in the Genshin Impact. 

They won’t be available in the beginning, but they will start appearing in the next patches of Update 4, like Genshin Impact 4.1, 4.2, and so on. Not all the new Characters are reserved for the Fontaine Area being added in 3.4, rather they might be for the other updates rolling out in 3.5 or so on. 

New Characters in Genshin Impact Fontaine

After every Character leak in Genshin Impact Fontaine, the news got official and we now know about all the 11 Characters that are coming out. The Genshim Impact 4.0 isn’t live now, but it is all related to the rumors of that specific content getting released and the updates afterward.

Some new Characters like Alhaitham and Yaoyao are already confirmed, but the Fontaine itself doesn’t have major details. Only the Area, locations, and other tiny data are available for us to assume. 

Meaning there are going to be at least around 11 additions and out of those, there are only some specifically for the Fontaine Area. Even out of those, we have about 4 confirmed New Characters in Genshin Impact Fontaine. These are;

  • Neuvillette – Chief Justice
  • Lynette
  • Focalors – Hydro Archon
  • Lyney

Out of these four, the Genshin Impact officials and trainers all point out the coming of only Lyney and Lynette, as well as Focalors. Both of these are confirmed to come in Genshin Impact Fontaine and we got their model image as well.

Lynette in Genshin Impact Fontaine

Lynette in Genshin Impact

Lynette is a female who made an appearance in the Teyvat Chapter detailed by miHoYo, which was in 2022. The other character Lyney is the male counterpart of Lynette in Genshin Impact.

Both Lynette and Lyney are twins belonging to the Fontaine Region, which will be fully released in the 3.4 Update. The official update bringing Lynette would be around Act 4. 

Lynette does have pale skin, a tail, cat ears, and eyes of violet color. On the left cheek, she will have a star and she wears a dark-colored short cape, along with a bow. Like the other females, she is indeed going to have a short ruffled skirt.

Besides this, we don’t know anything about her or what their abilities are going to be. So, let’s jump to the other New Character in Genshin Impact Fontaine named Lyney

Lyney in Genshin Impact Fontaine

Lyney in Genshin Impact

If both Lynette and Lyney are twins, then we are pretty much sure they are going to come together in an update. Genshin Impact would ruin the moment for fans if they are coming separately. 

The good news is that a Genshin Impact leaker announced that this news is true and we are going to play both of these characters at once in the game after their release. 

There aren’t many things known about Lyney except that he is a Male, who will manipulate his sister Lynette like a puppet. Same as the sister, he will have short pale hair and some braids as well. His eyes are violet and his skin is pale, having a tear mark on the right cheek. 

Unlike his sister, Lyney will have a red ribbon along with a black cape and will have a top hat. 

There is some speculation related to Lyney and Lynette in Genshin Impact Fontaine that Lyney is a puppeteer, while Lynette is his puppet. But this speculation might not be true, because, in our views, both are twins and separately playable. 

Focalors in Genshin Impact Fontaine

Focalors in Genshin Impact

Besides the twins, we also have somewhat confirmed the news of a 5-star beautiful female character as well, named Focalors and she is actually a Hydro Archon. She is the primary guardian of the Fontaine Region and got a lot of leaks from Dataminers. Even her model leaked way before we got news of any new characters getting released.

Fontaine has a metaphorical symbolism, which is Hydro. So, it makes a lot of sense Focalors is going to be the Hydro Archon. She is referred to as the God of Justice and is the new playable character included in the Fontaine Updates. 

Our take on New Characters in Genshin Impact Fontaine

The hype is totally real this time because the Dataminers and miHoYo also confirmed the news that new Characters are being added to the Genshin Impact Fontaine region. The numbers are somewhere around 10 or 11 for the Characters that are going to be released by Genshin Impact onwards, but we are only sure about only 3 characters from Fontaine Region Update, which is 3.4

In our Guide, we discussed Lyney, Lynette, and Focalors as the New Characters in Genshin Impact Fontaine. Fingers crossed for the new playable characters!

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