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Roblox Stone Miner Simulator takes place on an island where your goal is to mine minerals and sell them for a profit at your base. As you keep progressing through the game, you’ll unlock powerful harvesters and rarer minerals that can be sold for a far greater profit. There is much to explore in the game such as bridges, factories, and even pets, all of which contribute to your mining empire. This article contains free Roblox Stone Miner Simulator codes that will help you get started on your epic journey.

Roblox Stone Miner Simulator Codes and Rewards

Here are all the free codes for Roblox Stone Miner Simulator:

aaaryzxhPenguin Legend Pet
cpaofpmtIncreased magnet range for 2 minutes
cqimfvkm50 Diamonds
cscuusruPenguin Legend Pet
qeknhhmuMythic Penguin Set
dlwdlvse50 Diamonds
joingroupEpic Pet
qkgkvzos3.25k Gold Coins
stoneminer3.25k Gold Coins
wyvxufgb50 Diamonds
WelcomeHotpotEpic Pet

How to redeem free codes in Roblox Stone Miner Simulator

Follow these steps to redeem the rewards:

1. Tap the Twitter icon to the right part of the screen to launch the enter exchange code pop up.

2. Enter the code and tap confirm to redeem the rewards.

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