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List of Mushroom N Heroes codes and how to redeem them

Mushroom N Heroes pits you against a tidal wave of mushroom enemies. They are plaguing the world, and it’s your responsibility to liberate it from their clammy grasps. Start by picking one of the four available classes and embarking on an epic adventure. Summon pets, unlock new and exciting skills, and combine them for deadly effects. However, some of the content is hard to access for beginners, and the following list of promo codes for Mushroom N Heroes will help you get a head start in the game.

Mushroom N Heroes Codes and Rewards

The list of free Mushroom N Heroes is mentioned below:

happydays2023Agaric Chest, Advanture Coin and Pet Food
momo2233Advanture Coin, Red Mushroom and Soulstone
momo666Red Mushroom, Pet Coupon and Advanture Coin
momo777Adv. Ref. Coupon, Advanture Coin and Legend Gear Chest
momo888Skill Coupon, Pet Food and Rate Pet Egg
momorpgAdvanture Coin, E. EXP Card and Random Orange
momo2023Skill Coupon, Pet Coupon and Advanture Coin
mushroomNAdvanture Coin, Pet Food and Red Mushroom
mushroomheroPet Food, Pet Coupon and Advanture Coin
momonewyearPet Food, Pet Coupon and Advanture Coin
newyear2023Pet Food, Skill Coupon and Advanture Coin
vip777R. EXP Card, Red Mushroom and Soulstone

How to redeem free codes in Mushroom N Heroes RPG

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to redeem the free Mushroom N Heroes RPG codes:

1. Launch the game and tap the profile icon on the top left corner of the screen.

2. Select the Redemption Code section and enter the code in the pop-up window.

3. Tap Confirm to receive your rewards.

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