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If you’ve played Among Us before, then Manic Murder should feel right at home. It’s a fast-paced game where you’re either the murderer attempting to kill the other players, or, the survivor fleeing from the grasps of the murderer. If you’re a fan of Roblox games, then this is one you should definitely try with your friends. And if you want to flex your skills or rock some nice skin, then definitely check out the free codes mentioned in this guide.

Roblox Manic Murder Codes and Rewards

The list of free Roblox Manic Murder codes is mentioned below:

betaTwo 2x Gem Boosts
likes1kTwo 2x Gem Boosts
murderer10 Gems
releaseTwo 2x Gem Boosts
sheriff10 Gems
update100 Gems

How to redeem free codes in Roblox Manic Murder

These steps will help you redeem the Roblox Manic Murder promo codes in the game:

1. Tap the Twitter icon on the screen.

2. Enter the code in the new pop-up window within the Code Here area.

3. Tap Redeem to receive your free rewards.

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