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Roblox Dragon Orbz is a pvp game where you face other players in a race to collect orbs spawning around the map. They are rare and despawn within a few seconds. You have to be quick on your feet if you want to beat your opponent to the punch. There is also a secondary game mode in which you have to face giant bosses. You’ll have to team up with your friends in order to beat them. However, defeating the boss or even winning the orb collection race won’t be easy, as there will be numerous opponents that outlevel you. Fortunately, we have some free Roblox Dragon Orbz codes that’ll help you get a head start. Let’s begin.

Roblox Dragon Orbz Codes and Rewards

The list of free Dragon Orbz promo codes are mentioned below:

FreeResetFree Stat Reset
Kolapo15m 2x EXP Boost
LikeGoal130m 2x EXP Boost
LikeGoal230m 2x EXP Boost
RESET1Free Stat Reset
Release2.5k Zen

How to redeem free codes in Flash Party

Here are the steps that’ll let you redeem the Dragon Orbz gift codes in the game:

1. Tap the Twitter icon on the left side of the screen.

2. Enter one of the codes provided above into the Type Code Here area in the pop-up window.

3. Finally, tap the Enter button to receive your rewards.

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