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The epic town-building and action RPG from the Cookie Run series is finally here. Over the years, the franchise has released several popular games for the mobile platform. Cookie Run: Kingdom is their newest member of the family, and one that is super fun and enjoyable. The goal here is to build a massive kingdom and defend against the forces of evil. The basic gameplay features, such as guilds and teams, are also available. If you’re interested in the game, these Cookie Run Kingdom promo codes will help get a head start. 

Cookie Run: Kingdom Codes and Rewards

The list of free Cookie Run: Kingdom codes is mentioned below:

CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD530x Time Jumpers
CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD4500x Rainbow Cubes
CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD3100x Topping Pieces
CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD23x All Aurora Items
CRK2NDBIRTHDAYD1100x Level 6 EXP Star Jellies

How to redeem free codes in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Follow these steps to redeem the free promo codes in Cookie Run: Kingdom:

1. Launch the app and open Settings by tapping on the three-line icon at the top.

2. Go to Info and look for My DevPlay and copy the email address mentioned there.

3. Visit the redemption site by clicking here. You can also visit the site from within the game. Simply tap the three three-line icon and tap on coupons to visit the site.

4. Type the DevPlay ID/email in the first box followed by the code in the second one.

5. Click on Claim Reward.

6. Launch the game and tap on the mail icon. Select the mail containing the rewards and tap on Claim All to receive the rewards.

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