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Archero is an action-based mobile game. Your goal is to defend the world against endless waves of enemies. The character automatically shoots the arrows, and all you have to do is move them around and dodge enemy attacks. There are tons of unique skills, and you can come up with all sorts of weapon combinations using them. The possibilities are endless, and the free Archero codes mentioned in this article will give you a significant advantage in your fight against evil.

Archero Codes and Rewards

Here is a list of all Archero promo codes (free):

archeroduoRing, 20x Gems, and 2,000 Coins
archerofunGold Key, 20x Gems, and 5,000 Coins
archerogoScrolls, 20x Sapphires, and 20x Gems
archerowinBright Robe, 20x Gems, and 2,000 Coins
goodarcherGold Key, 20x Gems, and 5,000 Coins

How to redeem free codes in Archero

The rewards can be redeemed by following these steps:

1. Tap the gear icon to enter settings.

2. Tap on the insert promo code option at the bottom.

3. Enter the code and tap on claim to receive your rewards.

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