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AFK Arena is a roguelike survival game, and your goal is to survive against waves of monsters. There are over 20 skills and 100 heroes across seven factions. Every faction has several advantages and unique lineups that give significant buffs to your entire team. The game doesn’t stop when you log off, and your heroes keep fighting for you while you’re AFK. Test your team’s strength against powerful opponents, and don’t worry, the codes mentioned in this article will provide a significant advantage.

AFK Arena Codes and Rewards

Here is a list of all AFK Arena promo codes:

afk202310x Scrolls, 10x Time Emblems, 10x Stargazes, and 3,000 Diamonds
Don202320x Draws, and Four Factions Chest
XANADU10x Summon Scrolls
rynfzjk85yDust & Gold, 5x 8 hours EXP, and 10x Summon Scrolls
qgk6h85pbd1,000 Diamonds, 3x 8 hours EXP, 3x 8 Hours Gold and 3x 8 Hours Dust
thewitcher31,000 Diamonds, 3x 8 hour EXP, Gold and Dust each
HAPPY3332,000 Diamonds, 10x Scrolls, 10x Stargazers, and 10x Faction Scrolls
meeyzuxw8710x Common Hero Scrolls and 3,000 Diamonds
Brutus2022300,000 Gold and 300 Diamonds
Talene2022300,000 Gold and 300 Diamonds
uf4shqjngq30x Common Hero Scrolls
afk888100 Hero’s Essence, 300 Diamonds, and 20,000 Gold
misevj66yi5x Common Hero Scrolls, 500 Diamonds and 60x Rare Hero Soulstones

How to redeem free codes in AFK Arena

Follow these steps to redeem the codes:

1. Launch the game and tap on your profile icon.

2. Locate the UID number and write it down.

3. Visit the redemption site and enter your UID.

4. Once again go to profile icon > settings > Verification code. Copy the confirmation code and paste it onto the website.

5. Now copy one of the codes mentioned in this article and enter it into the Gift Code area on the website.

6. Tap on redeem to receive the rewards directly in your inbox.

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