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Pokemon Go has some amazing in-game mechanics that allow you to capture Pokemon, Build your Empire, and become the best Pokemon Trainer out there. One of the mechanics besides catching Pokemon and doing some research on the Field is taking on Raids in Pokemon Go.

For the most part, they sure are not easy to do, mostly depending on the Raid Boss you are dealing with and you will have to make strategies to be victorious. Don’t worry because in this Guide we are going to discuss How to Raid in Pokemon Go in detail; mentioning what Raid means, the types of Raid, Raid Passes you will need, Capturing Raid Boss, and getting the best Pokemon for Raid Boss.

Details of Raid in Pokemon Go

You can call Raid a special event specifically in Pokemon Go Gyms. There is a timer in which you can find them as some type of a Pokemon flying over the Gym or as a Giant Egg there.

When Timer ends over the Egg itself, the Raid Boss will come out, and Egg Hatches. Similarly to that after Time Ends again, the Raid comes to an end.

There are various Tiers to Raid in Pokemon Go, indicated by Emblems that look similar to Masks. Tier One is obviously the lowest one, while Tier Five is considered the highest.

In the Highest Tier, you will get Legendary Pokemon, which is Guaranteed but they change quite often, the below Tiers don’t act that way.

Joining Raid in Pokemon Go

When a Raid is active in a Gym and you are in range, you can simply enter the Lobby of Raid after there is no egg shown. There is a limit of 20 players for those Lobbies and after that, there is no space.

There is a specific requirement for Joining Raid in Pokemon Go, which is having a Raid Pass, which you actually get free of cost every day through the Pokestop Gym Spinning. If you don’t have the Pass, you can Buy it from the Store.

After getting yourself inside a Raid, things are the same as in Gym Battle. Assemble a Party of Pokemon and use your Tapping Skills to throw that Raid Boss out.

The change of rule here is that after Six Pokemon are thrown, you get a chance to heal Pokemon and Revive them or you can join a different party altogether and start the Raid again.

After the Raid Boss, himself is knocked out of his senses and is Down, you can simply use this moment to Catch him as you do with other Pokemon.

Types of Raid in Pokemon Go

Just like we mentioned that you have to be in Range to actually go for Raids, but what to do if you are not in range? Well, that is where Remote Raids come into consideration but you will need the Remote Raid Pass for that.

In the Raid Menu, when you see the Raid that you can access, you can use this Pass to go for the Raid. Same as always, you can invite your precious Friends to the Raid or others can Invite you to theirs. You don’t have to be in range here.

One specific thing to know about this Raid in Pokemon Go is that you will do Less Damage here, requiring more Remote Players than usual.

Finally, you can get your hands on the Remote Raid Passes from the Store for 100 Coins or you can get Free from Events.

Ex Raid in Pokemon Go

Have you ever come across an EX Gym? Well, the Ex Raids are made specifically for the EX Gyms. The Label beside the name will let you know whether it’s EX or not. After you have success in the EX Gym, you will get an invitation to Catch Legendary Pokemon again.

If you are an Ultra Friend in Pokemon Go, you can also invite a Friend for the Raid. One more thing to note is that the Ex-Raid Bosses are also in the Normal Raids but they might be found later on in the game.

Mega Raid in Pokemon Go

The Third Type of Raid in Pokemon Go is the Mega Raid. Just as the name suggests, they are specifically for the Mega Pokemon. After success in them, you will be rewarded with Mega Energy. The faster you end it, the more Energy you will get.

You can do them through the Raid Pass or the Remote Raid Pass. The choice is yours!

Guide to Catching Raid Boss in Pokemon Go

Actually, your Team Pick and the effort toward the Raid will define the number of Premier Balls you will get for capturing that Raid Boss. We recommend you have Friends with you and match the Gym with the color of your team.

Let’s take an example: If you have around Fourteen Balls and these are also the Tries to catch Mewtwo, you will have to be generous. If you miss them, you will get out of the Raid without anything.

So, in our Guide on How to Raid in Pokemon Go, we recommend you take your time, practice the throws, perfect them and spot the absolute time to throw that Ball in order to catch the Beautiful Pokemon you have been wanting for so long.

After you beat the Boss, you will find your Raid Boss to be Shiny. This doesn’t mean that you will be getting a Second Boss Round like Elden Ring, rather it is something good. The Shiny Raid Boss will have a complete Catch Rate, but you don’t have to mill the Balls.

Best Pokemon for Raid in Pokemon Go

Mostly it isn’t a single Pokemon, rather it is completely dependent on the situation and the Raid Boss you have to deal with. Still, a simple concept we will share in our Guide on How to Raid in Pokemon Go is to go for the Pokemon with the highest Combat Power.

While picking someone that will counter the Raid Boss that you are aiming to catch. Still, you need to consider the fact that if a certain type of Pokemon is available, the moves don’t always match the Type.

Lapras who is a Water and Ice Type Pokemon is not that good against Rayzuaza. You need to aim for the Moveset of this Pokemon and the Movement of the Pokemon you are using.

A good pick for Rayquaza who is a Flying and Dragon Type Pokemon would be the Ice Type Pokemon, having a good Moveset against Flying and Dragon Type. You get the point!

Final Verdict

Here is every detail on How to Raid in Pokemon Go. There is no need to always be in Range of the Raid to avail of it because you can also go for the Remote Raid through your own Pass. The other two types of Raid are also mentioned for the specific Pokemon you are going after. To Catch Raid Boss and select the best Pokemon for Raid Boss, we make an amazing Guide here in this article. Hope the details help you out and feel free to let us know about it in the comment section below as well.

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