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Raid Shadow Legends has its own fair share of challenging Clan Bosses, but we all know that the Hydra Clan Boss holds a special place. You don’t have to worry because here we got an amazing Guide on How to Defeat Hydra Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends to help you out.

In order to defeat him, you will have to get the appropriate champions that are based on the buffs/debuffs of Clan Boss. To get the best or the maximum rewards, you will have to make three teams with each one consisting of around 6 champions. So, without any further delay, let’s cut to the chase here.

Battle Mechanics for the Hydra Clan Boss

After you get to face off with the Hydra Clan Boss, you will find a total of 4 heads. Amazingly, each of those heads has its own affinity, weaknesses, and also pros. You will have to utilize those weaknesses in order to get each head and ultimately Defeat Hydra Clan Boss.

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Possibly, the Hydra can have up to 6 heads in total, but two of those can join afterward if you defeat one of the heads. Every month the head affinity changes, which means in 4 weeks you will fight the same heads, while other 4 weeks they are changed. 

Consider each head of Hydra as an individual enemy with HP that you have to get rid of. When the HP falls and ends, you will see the neck of Hydra. You have to use everything at once for the most damage when that spot appears. After the head re-grows, the neck or extra damage spot in Hydra disappears.

The Clan Boss itself has various difficulties and with one notch up the difficulty ladder, you will find better rewards. A total of 6 champions can be brought to the battle in a team, but in each event, you can bring only one Champion. 

After the battle starts, the Champion you are using will get a debuff mark from the Clan Boss Hydra and it has a total of 20 seconds till the head will devourer that is next in line. There are 5 turns in which you will have to free the Champion from the attack that eats the Champion. In case you are successful, then you get the champions back otherwise, the Champions are consumed by the Hydra Raid Boss. You can’t revive them afterward, but the next Champion you have will get marked and you have to deal with the same 5 chances.

Buffs and Debuffs of Hydra Clan Boss

If you are looking for an easy way to Defeat Hydra Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends, then you will have to understand the Buffs and Debuffs of this monster. Like we already mentioned that each of the heads possesses its own stats, buffs, and debuffs; below, we will be guiding you to all of them.

Poison Cloud

The head of Blight places it and creates a Cloud of Poison that protects itself from the poison damage. The attacks you do will be counted as a weak hit and you can use the HP Burn Debuffs to cancel its effects. 

Life Barrier

The head of Decay places it and gets HP regen, as well as a shield. In some turns, if you can’t deplete the Life Barrier of Hydra Clan Boss, the head gets full heal, on the other hand, if you can, the Head will be stunned for a total of one turn.

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Pain Link

The head of Suffering places it and creates a link to the Champion. The damage dealt to the head is 15 percent given to the Champion. The damage is depleted here, meaning the head of suffering is taking full damage.


The head of Wrath places it and it is actually an activation, not a passive skill in Raid Shadow Legends. When active all the attacks from that head will be dealing a total of a whopping 400 percent damage. You can’t remove or steal it. 

Serpent’s Will

At the time the new Hydra Clan Boss’s head grows at the place of the exposed Neck, there is a buff on that head till it gets a turn. In this buff, the Will of Serpent will decrease the damage that is dealt to around 75 percent. You can’t remove it, or steal it.


The Debuff we will be discussing here in our Guide on How to Defeat Hydra Raid Boss in Raid Shadow Legends is Decapitated. After killing the Head of Hydra, there is an Exposed Neck. That Neck can’t work out for multiple turns and the Hydra will take around 200 percent more damage. You can’t remove the Decapitated Debuff. 

Champion to Defeat the Hydra Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends

You will be looking at the Debuffs and Buffs we mentioned when getting the Champion. You will also be looking at the Affinity of the Heads and their effects on the Team. Then, you will be going for the Champions that are based on the Affinity affecting you. Simple as that!

Considering these things the Best Champions for the Hydra Clan Boss should have the following effects and abilities;

Buff Effect

  • The best that you can get are Shield, Increase SPD, Perfect Voil, Increase DEF, Increase ATK, and Ally Protection
  • The Good that you can get are healing, Strengthen, Increasing RES, Increase ACC, and Continuous
  • The Lowest that you can get are Unkillable, Damage, Chance, and Increase Crit.

Debuff Effects

  • The best that you can get are the Provoke, Decrease DEF, Decrease SPD, and Decrease ATK
  • The Goods that you can get are Brimstone, Hex, Decrease ACC, and HP Burn
  • The Lowest that you can get are Poison, Block Buff, Decrease Crit, Fear, Rate, Sleep, Decrease Crit, Freeze, Decrease Crit, Stun, and Damage


  • The best that you can get is the AoE Heal, Cleanse Debuffs, and AoE Revive
  • The Good that you can get is the Heal, Boost, Revive, and Turn Meter
  • The Lowest that you can get are the Buff Removal, Buff Extension, and Debuff Extension

Building a Team to Defeat Hydra Raid Boss

In order to make the Best Team Composition, you should be looking to get Two Attackers and pair them with Four Supporters. Go for the Supports that have the Buffs and the Debuffs we mentioned above. 

In the case of Attackers, you should be looking at the AoE Damage the most, but don’t miss out on the Survivability Skills of that Champion as well.

Our Recommendation

Something like;

  • Nekmo Thaar
  • Royal Guard
  • Husk
  • Geomancer
  • Duchess Lilitu
  • Uugo

There are Four Epic and 2 Legendaries here. If you are working on a team to Defeat Hydra Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends, go for a Strong Meta Team like this.

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