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The famous Demon Lord Clan Boss has always been a debate in the Raid Shadow Legends community. But, here we are going to break down the question of How to Defeat Demon Lord Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends to help you out. 

When you first get an understanding of Raid Shadow Legends, you start seeing all the gamers talking about one specific Clan Boss, who is called the Demon Lord. He has an amazing design and is available in an astonishing area, but the real reason is the difficulty here. Therefore, we will be helping you Defeat the Clan Boss Demon Lord here in our Guide.

Battle Mechanics for Demon Lord Clan Boss

Unlike most of the Clan Bosses like Hydra Clan Boss, the Demon Lord only has one Affinity, which is none other than Void. Yes, we know that it is the simplest one in the game, but the reason is that the whole team is neutral to Void. There are no worries about managing it. 

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Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes the Demon Lord will change his affinity to Spirit, Force, or Magic as well. It is done after you take down the health of this Clan Boss to around 50 percent or even less. Until the server resets, Demon Lord will be on that same affinity. 

At 1 percent, the life of the Demon Lord will get refilled, which basically means he will never die. Therefore, our take on Defeating Demon Lord would be to go for only one difficulty, rather than going for multiple ones through various runs. 

The reason for saying that is that when Demon Lord gets the HP Refill, the rewards you were going to get will be doubled from the chest on the next day. This whole loop takes place around 6 times and each one is for a different difficulty. 

Buffs and Debuffs for Demon Lord Clan Boss

In order to defeat the Demon Lord Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends, you will have to focus on both the Buffs and the Debuffs. Demon Lord can only be put under the maximum of around 10 of these Debuffs, while there are no limitations for the Buffs.

Debuffs for Demon Lord

Decrease DEF

When Demon Lord becomes difficult, he will start having more DEF or Defense. In simpler wording, your attacks are going to deal less damage to him as he goes up in the difficulty bar. Using the Decrease DEF debuff, you can make it easier for yourself to harm him.

Decrease ATK

It is quite simple because Demon Lord isn’t quite good with damage dealing, and that means you can take the fight head-on for a longer duration. When you use the Decrease ATK Debuff, the damage from Demon Lord is reduced even further, paving a way for you to finish him easily.


When you use this Debuff on the Demon Lord, the attacks you are using on the Demon Lord will be dealing an extra bonus damage of around 25 percent. It will work against the Debuffs of the Demon Lord that lower your Damage and in return, you will be dealing more damage to the Clan Boss.

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Finally, the last Debuff we are going to mention here in our Guide on How to Defeat Demon Lord in Raid Shadow Legends is going to be Poison. Demon Lord is known for being defensive and he can also keep himself alive for a longer duration. Using Poison Debuff on him will allow you to work on multiple rounds while his Health Bar is depriving slowly.

Buffs for Demon Lord


Just like most of the Clan Bosses in Raid Shadow Legends, you will be requiring an Unkillable Buff here that secures maximum Chest Prizes. If you are looking for more rewards when dealing with the Demon Lord Clan Boss, you will have to utilize the Unkillable Buff. Here, you will have to connect with some other specific Champion and speeds for the team, while you will also have to stay alive for 50 rounds without any death.

Counter Attack

It might not be that good with other Clan Bosses, but here the Counter Attack Buff works Flawlessly. The reason is that your main goal is to deal the most damage you can, even if it is quite less. Never missing out on the Turns is something you are looking for here. Using Counter Attack will let you get a free hit on the turn of Demon Lord.

Increase Speed

Same as before, your main job or focus is to deal as much damage as you can in the Turns to Demon Lord. Using Increase Speed will allow you to move much faster and strike more. For the end game, we don’t recommend going for it.

Best Build to Defeat Demon Lord Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends

Just like before, the best build to defeat Demon Lord should be consisting of the Buffs and Debuffs we mentioned above. In case you have an accuracy that is below the Demon Lord Threshold, you will be missing out on the Debuffs, while also having less Defense and Attack. All of this paves a way for you to have Lower Damage going to the Demon Lord, while he has increased Life. 

The strategy here should be throwing the Champion with the Highest Level into the battle first in case you are a beginner. For example; if you have a Level 60 Champion, he/she will be dealing more than half the damage dealt by the Level 10 Champion, irrespective of the affinity.

You should equip your team with the Life Steam Relic Set and combine it with some boots that can enhance your Speed. The focus of your Masteries should be mostly on the Offense Side when talking about the Champions because of High Attack Optimization. 

In our recommendation, you should be going for something like War Master or even the Giant Slayer based on the Offense Tree Tier 6. If you have a Champion who strikes more than one time to three, then going for the War Master is efficient. Otherwise, if it’s three to four times, then go for the Giant Slayer.

Team Composition

Finally, you should be going for a team that has Support capabilities to enhance your Healing, Defense, and Speed. The Attackers should be able to add poison and other Debuffs on the Demon Lord like Weaken and Decrease ATK/DEF. 

Go a bit further and add another Counter-Attack-based Attacker in the team or a more efficient thing should be to go for a Tank. Put a Leader as well that gives you a buff in the Boss Battle. So, that’s every detail on How to Defeat Demon Lord Clan Boss in Raid Shadow Legends. 

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