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The Honkai: Star Rail beta is out and the only word that comes out of our mouths is “WOW”. It is a refreshed take on turn-based gacha RPG. Fans online are saying that it offers so much more than Genshin Impact had to offer.

So, if you’re interested in knowing more about Honkai: Star Rail, continue reading this review.

Early Impression

Hoyoverse makes some of the best RPG games. When we heard about the launch of Honkai; Star Rail, everyone was excited and intrigued to try it out. In its early impression, the game shows a lot of promise with 3D adventure in the Honkai verse.

The promotional videos and trailers have all been quite innovative and showy ever since the release of Honkai. Moreover, everyone was expecting Star Rail to be a 1:1 clone of Genshin Impact but it offers a lot more. So, let’s talk about the storyline.


The plot of Star Rail is quite impressive. The game launches you into space from the get-go and you wonder what to do from there. The initial Kafka and Silver Wolf impressions were quite nice and you take the role of a newcomer in the strange world with no information about anything whatsoever.

However, very quickly, you will realize that you need to take on the horrors of space and fight many dangerous enemies that are all there to destroy the world. All in all, the game works well by showing you how to get to the tutorial and make the best out of the situation.

Now let’s talk about the most important part of Star Rail which is its gameplay.


The storytelling of Star Rail is amazing but the most important part is its gameplay. So how is the overall gaming experience? Firstly, the dialogue of Honkai: Star Rail is impressive, unlike many other RPGs that just make you want to cringe.

Everyone from the regular NPCs to the main characters will speak to you most naturally and the way that the story progresses is just amazing. Since the game is designed by Hoyoverse, you are also going to see some of the most amazing-looking characters with a design that will surprise you till the end of the game.

Talking about the controls, you will get familiar with them quickly and easily. They will work great for both combat and non-combat situations. The overall UI is also quite minimal and not cramped like most turn-based RPGs that make it a mess.

Overall, Star Rail is quite competitive but it is not impossible to beat. That is why it is a game perfect for both newcomers in RPGs and veteran gatch turn-based players. The systems are designed carefully and implemented effectively to make sure that the gameplay is stellar. However, you will have to be fairly strategic about your approach to the game since it is no joke to complete it.

Final Verdict

Honkai: Star Rail is an amazing title that makes you wonder about all the shortcomings of Genshin Impact. It covers the bad points of Genshin Impact and it seems like the company consciously tried to improve those aspects.

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