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We all have been waiting anxiously for the 3.2 Update in Genshin Impact and also for a new event that was popping off in our news feed lately. Yes, we are talking about Marvelous Merchandise that got released lately along with the 3.2 updates.

The reason for its popularity is not because it’s something popular coming back, rather it was anticipated to bring new luxurious rewards as well and you have to exchange various items in order to get those rewards.

Well, all of that is closely related to Liben who makes that offer and there are various locations across the whole Genshin Impact Map where you will find Liben along with the things he needs for the quest.

So, that makes quite a confusion around Genshin Impact fans and that is probably why we went ahead and compiled this Guide to Marvelous Merchandise in Genshin Impact to discuss the Liben locations and the rewards that you will get from completing his quests.

What is Marvelous Merchandise and how does it start/end?

Marvelous Merchandise is an event that appears and remains there for a whole week. Each day in the Marvelous Merchandise, you will have something new as a reward, But before you get the rewards, you will have to fulfill the goals given for the event.

Minimum Requirements

There is nothing special needed for the Marvelous Merchandise in Genshin Impact, you just have to be 12 or higher on the Adventure Rank.

What’s it all about?

In Marvelous Merchandise, there is a merchant by the name of Liben who comes to Mondstadt and remains there. Every day of the week in Genshin Impact, he will ask you for some items which are quite basic like carrots, mushrooms, and the like.

When you give these items to Liben, he will in exchange give you some rewards, which are also not that valuable like;

  • Primogems
  • Mora
  • Hero’s Wit
  • Mystic Enhancement Ores
  • Level up Talent Materials

Location for Liben the Merchant

Mostly, you will find the Liben the Merchant in Mondstadt City near the main gates. On the Map, you can see the Box O Marvels Icon as well which indicates the location.

When you first talk to Liben the Merchant in Genshin Impact, you will find info on the Fontaine Region in Genshin Impact as well. For Day One, the players can also go for the Daily Commission available.

For this, the Players will need Five Apples, Sweet Flower, and Fowl to get the reward for Box O Marvels. Keep in mind that the reward you get is different and completely random.

Liben Requests in Genshin Impact

You will have to complete the quest every day given the Liben to get the Reward. Below, we have every Quest for the whole week for you to look at;

December 4

  • For this Day you will need around 5 Bird Eggs, 5 Radish, and 5 Apples

You can find the Bird Eggs close to Liben. You just have to go on top of the roof of the buildings of Mondstadt City. You will find several nests there.

For Radish, you need to go towards the Southwest coast and into the area of Springvale. The Radishes are in Builds inside their garden.

Finally, for Apples, you can find them on the North of the Bridge towards the Woods Coast on two trees. They are after the ducks.

December 3

  • For this Day, you will be asked to given Liben 5 Raw Meat, 5 Mint, and 5 Berry

You can find these items in the Northeast after you take the route toward the Waypoint of Mondstadt Outskirts. There are a lot of mints and Berries on the Starsnatch Cliff Waypoint. You will also find a mint on Waypoint of Thousand Wind Ruins Southside.

Between WIndrise and Springvale, mostly on the South-east side when you go towards the Dragonspine Camp, you will find Meat from animals.

December 2

  • For this day, you will be asked to get 5 Fowl, 5 Radish, and 5 Pinecone

You can find Radish in Springvale as it is the closest one you can go for. The Pinecones are on the Eastern side, behind Springvale, on the hills. Finally, for Fowl, you can take some ranged spells or even a bow to the Pigeons of Timmy and the Ducks that are found near the bridge.

December 1

  • For this day, Liben will ask you for 5 Carrots, 5 Raw Meat, and 5 Mints

On the Springvale Southside, you will find Meat and some can be found on the Village side. Carrots can be found on your way to getting other stuff, so it’s mostly around your journey.

On the East path towards Windrise Statue of Seven, you will come across some mint plants as well. You can find both Meat and Mint on the main path after you head North towards the main area.

November 30

  • Liben the Merchant will ask on this day for 5 Sunsettia, 5 Sweet Flowers, and 5 Berry

All the items mentioned can be found easily in the area. For the most part, the Sunsettias are found on the path’s either side after you cross the bridge and present on trees.

Outside the Mondstadt and over the bridge, you will find hills between the Temple of Starfell Lake and Thousand Winds, as well as the Bridge. The other two items are also there. The Sweet Flowers and berry Bushes are found on the Northeast side of the fields.

November 29

  • For this, the merchant asks for 5 Carrots, 5 Sunsettias, and 5 Pinecone

Sunsettias are on trees after the bridge and just outside the Mondstadt. They are also on the path of Stargell Lake. Pinecone is after crossing the bridge and going to the Northeast side. They are on the South of Stargell Lake as well, on the hilly side.

Finally, the Carrots are across the bridge and you will have to follow the coast on the South path till a waypoint comes. Turn around from there and go towards Springvale. There is a garden filled with carrots.

November 28

  • For this day, the Merchant might ask for 5 Sweet Flowers, 5 Apples, and 5 Fowl

We already discussed both Fowl and Sweet Flowers. For Apples, you can go to the Whispering Woods and outside the main city. On the Cider Lakeside, towards the path of Starfall Lake, you will find some trees with Apples.

Rewards and Box O Marvel in Marvelous Merchandise

Just like we mentioned in our Guide to Marvelous Merchandise in Genshin Genshin Impact that the rewards you will get are completely random. So, we gathered all the rewards you can get and mentioned them below.

Keep in mind that each day for the full week you can only get only one Box O Marvels Reward. It can also be another world that belongs to your friend or it can also be your world. So, you can get;

Dendro Box

You can get Dendro Box that further gives you the;

  • 40 Primogems
  • 3 Diligence Teachings
  • 3 Prosperity Teachings
  • 3 Gold Teachings

Pyro Box

You can get Pyro Box which further gives you the;

  • 40 Primogems
  • 6 Hero’s Wit

Electro Box

You can get Electro Box that further gives you the;

  • 40 Primogems
  • 3 Resistance Teachings
  • 3 Freedom Teachings
  • 3 Ballad Teachings

Hydro Box

You can get Hydro Box which further gives you the;

  • 40 Primogems
  • 20l Mora
  • 4 Hero’s Wit

Anemo Box

You can get Anemo Box that further gives you the;

  • 40 Primogems
  • 20k Mora
  • 8 Enchantment Ore (Mystic)

Cryo Box

You can get Cryo Box which further gives you the;

  • 40 Primogems
  • 60k Mora

Geo Box

You can get Geo Box which further gives you the;

  • 40 Primogems
  • 10 Enchantment Ore (Fine)
  • 10 Enchantment Ore (Mystic)

Final Verdict

Well, that is all in our Guide to Marvelous Merchandise in Genshin Impact. We took a deep dive into the Marvelous Merchandise, talked about it a bit, talked about the location of Liben, and the quests he gives you, and also mentioned the rewards along with Box O Marvel. Hope this Guide can help you out and feel free to let us know about it in the comment section.

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