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Everyone loves to try out a new Game Mode that comes in a game they have been playing for so long and somehow lost interest in. Genshin Impact isn’t just a game that you can tune in once and never play again, rather it’s an experience that you are addicted to. The one thing that lacks in Genshin Impact are the Game Modes, and honestly, the developers rotate the ones that the community loves to play with.

Well, luckily the community of Genshin Impact is getting blessed with a permanent Game Mode that has quite interesting rumors going around. This Game Mode is called TCG or Trading Card Game. Many other similar Genre games have this mode, but its Permanent introduction here in Genshin Impact is going to be crazy.

The fans of Genshin Impact aren’t quite familiar with this mode and for that reason, we have here an incredible Guide on Genshin Impact TCG Game Mode. Here we will give you an insight into what is actually going to be happening here. Without any further delay let’s get started with the Genshin Impact TCG Game Mode Guide.

What is TCG Game Mode

As we already mentioned it stands for Trading Card Game. In this Game Mode, you are basically playing with cards, where you have to collect them and then battle with specific sets of cards. The real enjoyment is in picking your favorite characters and playing with them.

Moreover, here you can even challenge your Friends because it’s mainly based on a PvP battle concept. You can call on your friends who always liked to challenge you and show them your skills.

In the massive Genshin Impact world known as Teyvat, you can simply assemble cards and mostly these cards will be your favorite characters. Some of the known characters are Ayaka and Diluc.

You can make a deck of cards to either take on various in-game characters or also their friends.

How to Play it?

There will also be a new Gadget in the game alongside an introduction to new NPCs in the massive world of Teyvat. You can challenge the NPCs with that Gadget. After entering the TCG Game Mode at its official release, you will be given a dialogue where you can choose between various modes like PvP and PvE.

After selecting PvE, you will be called onto a table with Cards. You can draw a total of Five Cards and one of them will be the Active Character. There are Elemental Dices in the game and on each turn, you will get eight of them.

One is Flexible, which means you roll it before a turn that goes as an act and will probably work to finish a player. While you get each for the Impact Element as well.

There are turns and on each turn, a player is allowed to draw in two of the cards. You have to take notice of the hit points of cards here. After entering the game itself, you can go for the following actions in the TCG Game Mode;

  • Active Character Switch
  • Dice Elemental Type Change by a Card Discard
  • Character Skill use
  • Turn End

What will you get?

So, the major question that comes to mind is probably related to its rewards or what would you actually get in return. For the most part, you will have to complete various challenges in order to get something in return. In the case of TCG, you will be getting benefits like in-game rewards here.

Besides this, it isn’t known what type of rewards you will get. On the other hand, unlike the regular game, you won’t be able to get rewards through the PvP battles and completing them.

When is it coming?

The TCG Game Mode is coming with the promised Genshin Impact’s most major update as of now. This update is referred to as Genshin Impact 3.3 update, where the developers have much more to offer like an introduction to new in-game characters, game changes, and so on.

The Latest news about TCG Game Mode indicated that the players will be able to fully enjoy TCG Game Mode after level 2, as there will be more modes like Commissions on a Weekly basis and Online Matchmaking.

Cards and Characters in TCG Game Mode

The most detailed information on TCG Game Mode so far is associated with its Cards and Characters. As of now, it is confirmed that some characters that are not so popular are also available in the TCG Game Mode.

Some of them are carriers of Artifacts known as Crimson Witch and Thundering Fury. Still, it is a good Genshin Impact Game Mode to play characters like Signora.

Your duty here would be to collect a mix of various Cards and make a perfect set out of them. Then, as the battle starts, you will have to defeat your enemy using these cards.

There isn’t any strategy or conditions behind TCG Game Mode or collection of cards, rather the more you get, the better it will become for you.

What about all the TCG Cards? Well, for the most part, there are a total of 211 Cards in TCG Game Mode including your favorite cards like Kamisato, Arataki Itto, Cyno, and even Ayato.

It’s not like you can only have them, rather you would have to fight with powerful characters that are possessed by your enemy in TCG Battle.

Final Verdict

Well, that is all for the Genshin Impact TCG Game Mode and it is just around the corner. Keep in mind that we are yet to have Genshin Impact update 3.2, while TCG will be announced in Genshin Impact update 3.3.

The main focus here with TCG is definitely going to be on PvE Content instead of others. It’s not like you can’t do PvP Content, rather we already have Co-op mode for that. Besides PvE, it is more tilted toward the Friend Battle-based Content in the PvP zone.

What we needed was an amazing PvE Game Mode in Genshin Impact to once again spark joy in the community. For that, we are having a TCG Game Mode in which you can collect your favorite character cards and have a friendly battle with your friends who are always showcasing their skills in front of you. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section and let us know more about this Game Mode as well.

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