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The Genshin Impact Fans have been going wild for the new Nahida Character that came up with the 3.2 Update. She is a Powerful Five-Star Catalyst with a cute appearance and that quite answers all the questions related to the hype around her.

With Nahida, there has been a new Story Quest known as the Genshin Impact Nahida Story Quest that has a lot of good content for you to go after. This Quest also focuses on the Sumeru Archon Quest that deals with the sad back-story of Nahida.

So, to dive deep into the topic, we have here our Genshin Impact Nahida Story Quest Guide where we will talk about the Story Quest that came with the Sapientia Oromasdis Chapter. Without any delay let’s get started with this Guide.

How to get Nahida Story Quest?

Well, to get your hands on the Nahida Story Quest you will have to be 40 or above on the Adventure Rank. Not too complex for a great character and content like this.

Then, you will have to complete the Sumeru Archon Quest Act 5 called the Kasha Pulses and Kalpa Flame Rises in order to get the Story Quest.

Finally, you should have the Story Key or only one of these. If you don’t have that, you can complete Daily Commission around Eight times to get the Story Key.

Dream of Awakening

After getting the quest, you can walk to Treasures Street located in the area of Sumeru City. There you will meet a person that goes by the name of Pedrush, talk with him.

That person will start talking to you about A Moment of Dreams for the people of Sumeru. Now go from there to the next market which is on the Akademiya Walkway side. It will trigger another scene. You are a Dream Expert in the eyes of people.

You can let Paimon answer every question or you can press Tap to Reveal if you like to get all the questions from citizens. After all of this, you need to talk to Ilman who needs help in going to a Dream Place.

Go towards the East of Vimara Village where you will find a hill and there you will find a location where Ilman and his wife talk with each other. On the top, you need to fight with Hilichurls which will make way for a scene. Ilman is sleepwalking around in a daze.

You will have to get back to the Event of A Moment of Dreams to discuss everything. Nahida will tell the whole group that we actually don’t have to visit the Dream Locations because Kathya already did that.

Reward for Dream of Awakening

You will get;

  • Mythic Enchantment Ore – 8
  • Hero’s Wit – 4
  • Mora – 38.1K
  • Adventure XP – 575

Dream of Falling

Next up is the Dream of Falling. You can find Kathya in the Chatrakam Cave. You need to actually do this before she is put in danger similar to Ilman. There are monsters all around her and you need to take the battle.

After this, she will actually wake up and talk about everything in her dream. Every detail is related to Aisha who is a professor and talks about her return from the potted plant.

Go back to the Event and tell about the findings. Nahida talks about not going for the dreams, but the team cares about others as well. Nahida uses her abilities to pull everyone into the Dream of Debbi.

Use the wind to go from plant to plant and touch the plants that glow to make a path. You will find some Fungi which you have to fight to go onward.

Do this again till you reach the quest marker that is upfront. From there go to the Portal and you will find Puspa Cafe which has Debbi inside. To hear the thoughts and get the dialogue, you need to use the Elemental Skills of Nahida.

Debbi gets that it’s all just a dream but she does take up the decision to stay there. Go deeper into the dreams by taking the Portal on the room’s other side.

There are Large Flowers in the in-between realms when you go through the Portal. You will find a small Gem of Yellow color that you need to put into the spinning plant and it will make a path. To go above the giant flower, you need to bounce up the mushroom.

At the center, you will find Fungi. Get rid of them and again pass from the Portal after the fight. Now this time rain will start occurring instead of taking you to another place. A chest will appear and afterward, you will find Rifthounds.

Fight them and take the Portal that takes you to Giant Flower again. Do the same thing again with the Yellow Gem as above in our Genshin Impact Nahida Story Quest Guide.

Don’t take the Portal that appears, rather go towards the quest market that takes you to another Spinning Plant. There is a new door that opens and reveals a portal behind you.

Take that and you will find a Sumeru Dream Version. It is the dream of Ilman and a conversation will happen. The next gateway is pointed by him and it takes you deeper.

According to Nahida, there is a single person who is responsible for all of this and when you wake that person up, all of this will end.

After that, you will find a Quest Icon when standing on the Platform. It will take you toward the top of a Giant Flower. Get rid of the enemy and a chest will appear which opens another Portal. You will get into another fight after that portal which is Hilicurls.

Get the Yellow Gem and take it to the next portal that appears. You can drop from there towards the quest market and you can pick the second yellow gem as well.

You have to drop quickly from there otherwise the water level will mess you up. So, do it quickly and follow the Quest Market. It will lead you towards Spinning Plant Pedestals, two of them. Put your two Gems there and it will open up a door, taking you to the next portal.

You will find Sumeru City in imaginary graphics and there you need to find the person for all of this. Find Ilman and put the Elemental Skill of Nahida on him. Do it also with a person besides the Large Fountain.

After this long journey, you find out that a person that goes by the name of Moseis is the owner of these connected Dreams. When Akasha was online, he uploaded the consciousness into it.

Nahida uses the ability to tell people being in this Dream isn’t wise, but rather a Scam. The Dreams get out of control and people turn to monsters and you have to fight with the Emira Rifthound. You will exit the Dream after that fight.

Reward for Dream of Falling

You will get;

  • Mystic Enchantment Ore – 11
  • Hero’s Wit – 6
  • Mora – 49.2k
  • Adventure XP – 750

Dream of Farewell

Finally, we have here Dream of Farewell in our Genshin Impact Nahida Story Quest Guide. This is the last part where Nahida will put the consciousness of Moseis in a Capsule of Knowledge.

Your job here is to take that and deliver it to the Akademiya. The real name of that person isn’t Moseis, but rather Beynoni and inside Akademiya, the real body is held.

Go back to the main Event which is A Moment of Dreams, which is probably for the last time. Here you will have to talk with the group and Nahida will speak up loud about the Dream. For a conversation, speak in the Akademiya.

This is the end of the Nahida Story Quest and the traveler won’t tell her about Rukkhadevata – Greater Lord and it’s probably for her own best.

Reward for Dream of Farewell

You will get;

  • Guide to Ingenuity – 5
  • Primogems – 60
  • Mystic Enchantment Ore – 6
  • Hero’s Wit – 3
  • Mora – 27.8k
  • Adventure XP – 425

Final Verdict

Well, that is all for the Genshin Impact Nahida Story Quest. It might be a bit twisted around Dreams and Imagination but that is truly what defined Nahida. In the end, we don’t get the answer to her questions but it is told that’s for the best. Hope the Nahida Story Quest Walkthrough helps you out and you can tell us about it in the Comment Section as well.

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