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Genshin Impact got full of surprises recently and with the latest updates, we even got to experience a new amazing character called Nahida who filled up the void. Every fan of Genshin Impact agrees that we require a Dendro Sub DPS Role and finally, we have one.

Nahida is also a very cute character and everyone just loves her, but quite frankly very few people know that she is also called Lesser Lord Kusanali and has her own part in Archon Quest. Besides her being playable and amazing in her domain, many people are confused about the deep details of Nahida, as well as the Best Team and Build that goes alongside her.

Here in this Genshin Impact Guide to the Best Nahida Build and Team, we will be digging deep into those aspects to help you understand her better and make the best out of her in the team. So, without any further delay let’s hop into the details of this Guide.

Nahida in Genshin Impact

Nahida is a 5 Star Dendro Heroin in Genshin Impact who uses the Catalyst Weapon. She might look cute and cuddly but in reality, she is the lesser Lord Kusanali and Archon Dendro.

She was trapped in the Sanctuary of Surasthana but was later freed. Her main goal is to have some kind of presence in the Sumeru area. In the realm of Dendro Characters, Nahida is termed as one of the best and has quite exceptional elemental reactions.

Best Build for Nahida

Energy Requirement

The basic requirement for Nahida is an Energy Recharge of around 130 percent to 160 percent. But on the battlefield, you can typically go for the 130 percent requirement mark. Being a Dendro DPS character, you can literally play her perfectly off and on the field.

Elemental Damage

She comes with exceptional Elemental Damage Skills and using that, you can apply Dendro on multiple enemies at various times and also damage them. While she is considered a good middle-range character, you can use her Elemental Skills to grab on long-range.

Elemental Burst

On the other hand, the Elemental Burst of Nahida is not meant for damaging, but rather made for the team. It can give the team various buffs based on the characters of Electro, Pyro, and Hydro in the Nahida Team.

Besides this, the Burst Buffs are based on the Talent Level, but we advise you to enhance your skills first and then go for the burst buff.

The two of the characters per element will have an effect on the buffs from Elemental Burst but two of the element characters will give off a better version of the buff;

  • Hydro – Burst Duration will extend by the Team Member
  • Pyro – The team Damage Percentage will enhance by the Team Members
  • Electro – Ability Cooldown will reduce by the Team Members

Team Role

In case you are going for min Nahida, there are various combinations you can try out for the Team. In the case of other various characters with 5 stars, there are certain Buffs by Nahida Constellations in her kit.

Both her C2 and C1 are upgrades while the C6 will increase the DPS main play. While the C2 is quite similar to the C2 of Raiden Shogun and is considered the best constellation. When it comes to the C0, there is nothing to talk about, it’s already exceptional.

Weapons and Artifacts

The Best weapon for Nahida in Genshin Impact is none other than A Thousand Floating Dreams, while the Best Artifact for Nahida in Genshin Impact is none other than Deepwood Memories 4PC.

Best Team for Nahida

Now coming to the second part of this Genshin Impact Guide to the Best Nahida Build and Team. Nahida’s main focus is towards the Elemental Reactions, meaning you need to have quite high Elemental Mastery. It is better to have a Nahida Team alongside that goes well with Dendro Element.

So, there are three of those called Electro, Hydro, and Pyro that you need in the team in order to get the best out of Nahida. Still, it is important to mention that Nahida is favored over any other Dendro in Genshin Impact if you have these Team members in the game.

Quick Reaction Team

When it comes to utilizing the Hyper Bloom, Aggravate, Spread Skills, Bloom, and Burgeon, the best team can be:

  • Dori
  • Cyno
  • Kazuha
  • Nahida

This team is quite basic when it comes to the quick time reaction. It mostly revolves around the spread and aggravation. Nahida is a Dendro and having a Cyno in the team will allow you to combine the Aggravate reaction with the Electro attacks, causing havoc.

All you need is a battery, as well as a healer. Dori, along with Kazuha, makes up for that and now your team is complete.

Damage Team

If you are looking for a team that focuses mostly on Damage, then you can change Raiden Shogun to be added instead of Cyno. You can also add Keqing if you like. So, it will make the team something like:

  • Kazuha
  • Dori
  • Nahida
  • Raiden or Keqing

Nahida is known for her versatility and flexibility, meaning you can change things around, while she still performs amazingly. Using Nahida, you can boost the damage only if the team damage doer is elemental reaction dependent.

Bloom Team

If you are looking for a team that goes well with Bloom, then you can go for something like this;

  • Nilou
  • Barbara
  • Collei
  • Nahida

Take note that here you can also go for Kokomi instead of Barbara. Furthermore, you can also go for Hydro or Dendro instead of Collei.

Final Verdict

Well, that was all to our Genshin Impact Guide to the Best Nahida Build and Team. Take into account that Nahida is an exceptional character and there are a lot of team choices that go well with her. The only thing you need to take care of is her Reaction creation, which boosts the team, so you need to play her as an auto attack on the field or add another character from the Dendro genre.

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