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Genius Invokation or TCG Game Mode is all about Meta. If you pick the right one at the right time, your chances of winning the card game are enhanced drastically. In Genshin Impact 3.4 we saw that Maguu Kenki was nerfed, while the players are also continuously making new and improved strategies. To help you out, we compiled this Guide on Genshin Impact Best Teams for Genius Invokation TCG Game Mode.

Bennett, Mona, and Ayaka

You might hear about a Freeze Team here in our Guide but the level of Melt Team is quite different and visually stunning to watch. This Team is based on Damage and quite exceeds in that aspect.

Focused on Ayaka, while Mona and Bennett are there to buff your main character who is already quite strong in various aspects. When you use Ayaka, she will be there to deal heavy burst damage and also the DPS damage.

Mona will amplify that damage and also help her freeze the enemies. This role is also played by Bennett while she is healing and amplifying the damage.

Mona, Jadeplume Terrorshroom and Cyno

There is a Meta in TCG Game Mode that revolves around the Quick strategy. A combination of Cyno, Mona, and Jadeplume Terrorshroom can make a consistent team that also endorses the Meta in the game. 

With the Quicken Teams, you will have an exceptional reaction and this Team allows you to go Electro and Dendro as it is applied by the two characters. This result through these combinations is referred to as Catalyzing Effect which further results in Quicken Reaction for multiple turns. 

When this happens you can apply two elements in two turns. Mona will trigger Bloom, while the team will help her in doing the Burst damage.

You can move it around as well because of its flexibility and versatility. 

Yoimiya, Ayaka and Fatui Pyro Agent

One of the most popular Genshin Impact Genius Invokation Teams to existing. This whole Team revolves around one character who is Ayaka. Both the Yoimiya and Fatui Pyro agents are there to help Ayaka utilize her abilities. 

It was even stronger before the 3.4 Update rolled out but in the 3.4 of Genshin Impact because of a heavy nerf on Yoimiya, this Best Team Composition for Genius Invokation TCG was brought down. 

But that doesn’t matter because it is still considered one of the Best Teams in TCG. You can also add some other characters to aid the main one and put it into the Meta Mix because Ayaka is the main character here and she won’t be seeing a downfall any time soon.

Chongyun, Ayaka and Xingqiu

Ayaka got exceptionally strong in the Late 2022’s and it carries on to 2023, that’s why this Best Team Build for Genius Invokation also revolves around her. She was picked more than 50 percent in the TCG Tournaments held and that showcases how exceptionally great she is in the TCG Game Mode of Genshin Impact.

Even the Genshin Impact Weekly Tournament has more than a 10 Percent Pick Rate when it comes to Ayaka. Therefore, in the Genshin Impact Genius Invokation Game Mode, you will find most of the Best Teams revolving around her. 

You can change this Team around and put some supporting cards like Chang the Ninth and Liben. Both of these will work great as supports and you can even mix your favorite Character who has Meta and make it even greater. 

Mona, Ganyu and Xingqiu

When Genius Invokation TCG Game Mode was launched in Genshin Impact, the Frozen Teams had incredible popularity and it is still in the Meta. You will even find the 3.5 Update great for the Frozen TCG Teams. 

The obvious reason that they are so great in this Game Mode is that they are frustrating to the opponents. Some even say the TCG is all about Mind game and if you can penetrate the mind of your opponent, you can definitely get an upper hand,

Here in our Genshin Impact Best Teams for Genius Invokation TCG, Mona, Xingqiu, and Ganyu, individuals work flawlessly because all of them are in the Meta. Even Professional Players used the same team composition in the tournament and had such incredible cards to get a winning hand. 

You can further go with the;

  • Paimon
  • Elemental Resonance Woven Winds
  • Strategize
  • Liben

These Cards are flawless when matched up with the Team we mentioned above, otherwise, you can also go with the following cards;

  • Undivided Heart
  • Timmie
  • Blizzard Strayer

These are meant specifically for the Frozen Build, while you can take out anything you don’t want and take out in the favorite Meta-Based Frozen card in the middle. It all depends on your own choice here.

Jean, Sucrose and Mona

Last but not least, the final team we are going to mention here in our Guide to Genshin Impact Best Teams for Genius Invokation TCG Game Mode consists of Mona, Jean, and Sucrose. In our recommendation, it is by far the best team you can make as of right now for TCG Game Mode. 

A famous player going by the name of Redd also made this undefeated team in 3.4 TCG Game Mode. Just like Ayaka, Mona is exceptionally doing well in the game right now and she is the Meta. You can put in the various cards like some mentioned below to make this the Best Deck.

  • Liben
  • Mushroom Pizza
  • Chang the Ninth
  • Strategize
  • Elemental Resonance Woven Winds
  • Elemental Resonance Impetuous Winds
  • The Bestest Travel Companion
  • Liyue Harbor Wharf
  • Favonius Cathedral
  • Paimon
  • Chaotic Entropy

If you are specifically looking for a team that can counter the Slow Paced Deck, then you can go for the Ganyu Teams as well. 

Final Verdict

Well, these are the Genshin Impact Best Teams for Genius Invokation TCG Game Mode. Keep in mind that every team we mentioned is made for a specific task alone, some revolve around Quicken, others Freeze and there is even one that goes as Melten Team and so on. You can take out a card and add something similar suiting the Meta for the best build.

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