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Chinese Developers have been making quite interesting games for years now, but there is no one that even comes close to the masterpiece – Genshin Impact. It is a huge anime-style open-world game that allows you to play a role, travel, explore, and do much more. There is a Gacha system that gives you permission to even try out new characters. Being someone new to Genshin Impact or someone who heard about it and wants to get started immediately; there might be a lot of unfamiliar mechanisms to understand. For that, we have here an amazing Genshin Impact 2023 Beginners Guide to help you get started with this amazing game.

Where are we standing?

Genshin Impact starts off in the world of Teyvat, while you are a traveler looking for siblings. As of now in 2023 Genshin Impact Teyvat has around four various regions namely; Sumeru, Mondstady, Inazuma, and Liyue. Further, there are sub-regions namely; The Chasm and Dragonspine.

Adventure Rank

This is the account level that increases as you play through the game, giving more features, enhancing the rewards you get, and so on.

World Level

With Adventure Rank, the World Level also increases. As of now, Genshin Impact has around eight levels for World and when you go up in number, the world, domains, and boss’ difficulty enhances, also increasing the rewards. There are all sorts of monsters and bosses in the region, along with artifacts, abilities, characters, and weapons. For a beginner, it is not suitable to simply get into the deep details which you can get slowly as you proceed. Below, we have all the essentials you need to understand to get the best out of this game.

Wishes and Gacha System

As we mentioned the Gacha System at the start of our Genshin Impact 2023 Beginners Guide. This System revolves around the Wishes, that are actually the main part of the whole game. It impacts the way you are earning weapons and characters in the game. There are Primogems or Fates under Wishes that you spend in the game and in return get better weapons or characters.

Fate and Primogems

Both Primogems and Fate are the premium in-game currency used to Wish for the weapons and the characters. Both Fate and Primogems are interchangeable and actually, you are converting Primogems into Fate when you Wish or vice versa. You can earn them through Events, Battle Pass Progression, Adventure Rank Increase, and so on.

Types of Fates

There are two types of Fates namely;
  • Intertwined Fate – These Fates are specifically for the limited Banners and you can Wish for them using the Intertwined Fate.
  • Acquaint Fate – The opposite of Intertwined Fate which allows you to Wish for the standard Banner or the permanent one.

In-Game Currency

There are various currencies in the game including Fate, Primogems, Sigils, Stardust, Starglitter, and Genesis Crystal. Each of them has their own use in the game. We already discussed Fates and Primogems in our Genshin Impact 2023 Beginners Guide, so we will just straight to others.


These are literally the main currency of the game and sometimes referred to as Genshin Impact gold, just like in other games. Getting your hands on Mora makes everything easy because you can use it to level up, ascend weapons or characters. Being an in-game currency, you can use it for the basic supplies purchased from various vendors in the game. You can gain Mora by doing quests, chest unlocks, and so on.


Every region in Genshin Impact has its own Sigils similar to Occuli. You can use them to earn Mora, Materials, Resources, and so on. But, you have to keep in mind that they work on specific region vendors available in town. You can earn Sigils through completing quests, exploration, chest opening, and so on.

Genesis Crystals

Genesis Crystals are different from every other currency in the game because you can’t get them through in-game progression. Yes, you can send real-life cash to get them but in our Genshin Impact Beginners Guide we don’t recomend doing that. You can further spend them and convert them to the Primogems, later used on the weapon or character Wish. Further, one unique thing about Genesis Crystal is that they are the only currency used for the skins of characters. So, their only purpose is cosmetics and they can’t help you win battles.

Starglitter and Stardust

If you get the same type of items or equipments multiple times, then they are converted to Stardust and Starglitter. You can use them in the Paimon’s Bargains in the shop menu.


Much like any other game where you are spending in-game currency to unlock characters and weapons. The Genshin Impact has a Banner system through which you can get new characters and weapons . You will have to use the Fate currency for Wish and from there you can get new stuff. While some Banners require you to unlock them, there is also a permanent Banner by the name of Wanderlust Invocation. This Banner utilizes your blue Wishes or acquainted Fate along with a limited Banner that utilizes purple Wishes or intertwined Fate.

Types of Banners

There are two types of Banners;
  • Permanent Banners – Just as the name suggests, these Banners were available at the start of the game and referred to as the standard Banners. These Banners have weapons and characters that didn’t change since the start of the game. They were available for an unlimited time.
  • Limited Banners – The limited Banners are available for a specific time and they are mostly luck-dependent. There are limited weapons and characters in the game that you can get in a specific time frame. Each Limited Banner is present in a specific time period, but in case you missed a certain one, there are chances that Banner will be back due to popularity.

Characters in Genshin Impact

While most people notice the beautiful landscapes and graphics, the main aspect of this game is none other than the Characters. This includes the basics, leveling, elements, the playstyle/roles, identity, and so on.

Understanding Characters

There are more than fifty characters in Genshin Impact which are quite a lot for any Smartphone Game. While we already discussed the Permanent and Limited time Banner in our Genshin Impact 2023 Beginners Guide. This means that new characters are being added for a limited period all the time. So, you can enjoy the variety with the Banner System of the game. In Genshin Impact there are Character Star Systems like 4 Star and 5 Star. The more stars means, the higher the rating of the character and the more difficult it is to collect. Further, it is important to understand that characters are categorized or divided based on their Elements.

Character Elements

Much like abilities, each of the Characters is involved in a specific Element like Electro (Electricity), Hydro (Water), Geo (Earth), Pyro (Fire), Cyro (Ice), Dendro, and Anemo. These seven elements make up the basics of the character in the world of Genshin Impact. While it is also important to know that these elements change your interaction with enemies, puzzle solving, open world, and also team building.

Character Roles

Now that you know about the Character Elements and basics, we will also dive a bit into Character Roles in our Beginners Guide. There are a total of three roles and a character can either fulfill one role or multiple of them.


Besides damaging the enemies, the Support characters are used to aid the team in combat like healing, shielding, or general quality of life stuff. In Genshin Impact, you will mostly find a mix of both Support and Sub DPS when choosing a character.

Main DPS

Main DPS are damage dealers and their main purpose is to be the field person in the party, roaming around, doing basic damage to the enemies through their attacks.


On the other hand, the Sub DPS are also damage dealers, but they don’t do basic damage with their attacks, rather use their abilities for damage purposes. They might go for Element provision to the team, activating elemental reactions for the other team members. They are a mix between Support and Main DPS, making them somewhat a balance between damage dealers and supporters.


When you defeat enemies in the world of Genshin Impact, you will gain levels slowly on. It isn’t as simple as it sounds because it can take quite a long time for you to reach higher levels in the game. Further, when you explore the world and play through it, you will be given Character Experience Books. You can get these books by doing certain things in the game including chest opening, quest completion, and so on. Our recommendation in Genshin Impact 2023 Beginners Guide would be to focus on Books for leveling because simply defeating enemies isn’t good enough.


As you gain level, there will be a limit known as the level cap. After that, you will have to ascend your character, but you will need Mora and other materials (dependent) to ascend. Ascension isn’t that difficult to understand, it only enhances or extends the character level cap, enhancing their stat in the process as well.


On the opposite side of Ascension, talents enhance your abilities and attacks on characters. Using the Talent Books, you can increase talent levels, making your character attacks and abilities stronger. Talent also refers to passive abilities that don’t require any activation to take effect.

Constellation and Team Building

In case you want to have various characters or duplicate ones at the same time, you have to understand Constellation. Hopefully our short take on Constellation in Genshin Impact Beginners Guide allows you to understand it much better. When you make duplicates, it unlock your Character Constellation in the process. There are a total of around six constellations for each character. If you want to get your character to the max, you will have to complete each of them seven times through the game’s Wishing system. That makes six for the constellation and the seventh that you have to complete primarily to unlock the Constellation. Like always, the Genshin Impact Four and Five Star Characters make a difference in the Constellation. 4 stars are quite easy while the 5 stars are the hardest to obtain Constellations.

Team Building

Being a beginner, we don’t recommend focusing on the Best Teams to get, rather try to undetstand what a Team should compose of. There should be only one Main DPS along with one Sub-DPS and three supports. There is no need for more than one main DPS because the field requires one person at a time. The support characters will buff the team and aid the main DPS to further go for overall damage.

Combat System in Genshin Impact

Being someting important as a Character Pick in Genshin Impact, the Combat System compromises several mechanisms, and understanding them is quite essential for a Beginner.



This is a common game mechanism found in any other game that slowly depletes as you do charge attack or run. In simple words, your actions take away stamina which is found as a Yellow bar right beside your character. When you dodge, it takes away the Stamina as well, and you need to keep an eye out for your stamina otherwise you might get into danger.

Run or Dodge

The running mechanism has dual functionalities, you can either run by holding key or tap to dodge. It can also be a short sprint if you want. It is totally timing-dependent, when you time it right, you can make an entry while dodging, but if you time it wrongly, you can be vulnerable.

Combat Attacks

Genshin Impact Combat is like any other game, where you have normal, charge, elemental, burst, and plunging attacks.
  • Normal Attacks are based on the Element and the Weapon type. You can use it anytime you want without any limitations.
  • Charge Attacks use your character’s stamina to recharge and go for a strong attack. You only have to hold the button meant for the attack to use this attack, while the more you hold, the more it charges to a certain limit.
  • Elemental Skills are character unique and depend on the character you are playing with. It is referred to as ability and has certain cool down.
  • Burst Elemental attack is an elemental but with more power, also depending on the character you have. You will have to gain energy by defeating enemies using elemental or attacking and then you can use the elemental burst.
  • Plunging attacks are more like jump attacks when the character is in the air. It can also be done when your character glides in the air.

Gear in Genshin Impact

There are two things you also need to know about as a beginner: the weapons and the artifacts.


In Genshin Impact there are around five weapon types;
  • Bow
  • Two-Handed Sword
  • One Handed Sword (Claymore)
  • Catalyst
  • Polearm
While it might sound a bit strange, not every character can equip all five of these weapon types. There are Banner limited weapons and you can get these through the Wish System which we already covered in our Genshin Impact 2023 Beginners Guide. The concept is more related to your Characters, so there is no need to worry about it.


Artifacts are wearable gear in the game. There are further five types of Artifacts along with five slots for them to utilize.
  • Plume (feather)
  • Circlet
  • Flower
  • Sands
  • Goblets
Same as before, you can level them and get better stats out of them. To level them up you will have to feed the artifacts other artifacts. As a beginner, you should focus on them more because they can get quite powerful with time.

Final Verdict

Genshin Impact isn’t your usual Smartphone Game that takes little to no effort. Rather, it is a versatile and proper game that requires understanding of the Game Mechanics and experience to get used to. Here in our Genshin Impact 2023 Beginners Guide, we tried to go into the depth of every detail you require as a starter. We didn’t mention every thing because most of the stuff is irrelevent for the beginners. We touched on the topics that are quite hard to understand for a newbie and hope this Beginners Guide helps you get a better understanding of the game.
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