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It has been a long time since Clash Royale emerged and became the iconic Strategic Game for Smartphone users. Supercell’s previous game Clash of Clans also stood right there with the best games to ever exist for smartphones. 

Lately, the developers of Clash Royale introduced their latest Season, which is Season 44 and it is in the month of Valentine’s. Therefore, the title is Clash Royale Love and Magic. Just like the month, this focus here is definitely on lovely couples who are playing Clash Royale together. 

To help you catch up with all the news, we have the Clash Royale Love and Magic: February 2023 Valentine’s Month Guide. So buckle up and enjoy the trip to the Clash Royale Valentine’s 2023 Month Season.

Clash Royale Love and Magic February 2023 Season Updates

Below, we are going to mention all the changes Clash Royale brought to you in this Couple’s Month of February 2023.

Tower Skins

The first thing you will be seeing in the Clash Royale 2023 Valentine’s Day Season is the Tower Skins. You can equip these Skins on your Magic Archer Tower, as well as the Love Potion. 

The focus here is Pink and Blue color which makes Love and Magic. Pink Color is matched with the Gold Sparkles and that Love Potion is exceptionally romantic. The Archer Tower Skin has that Green Jungle Color, along with that hint of Wood. 

Magic Archer Event

Another focus of the Event is Sniping Magicians. There is an amazing ability related to the Super Magic Archer that allows you to hypnotize the enemies, as well as their buildings. They are totally into the charm and can become your allies and throw those love arrows. This is an exceptionally well thorough thing present in the Clash Royale Love and Magic February 2023 Season. 

Emotes and Banners

Alongside all of this, there are also new Banners and Emotes here. You can get new Emotes like Sparky, Magic Archer, and even Golem. With the exclusive event that takes place, you can get all of these without having an issue. 

Furthermore, there are Battle Banners that are something refurbished in the Clash Royale 2023 Valentine’s Month Season. It wasn’t in the focus before, but now the developers are pushing it more. 


The Clash Royale Love and Magic Pass Royale are also coming and it is themed around Valentine’s Day. It will give something to both the players who have bought it and those who haven’t. The best thing in this Clash Royale Love and Magic Valentine’s Month 2023 Battle Pass is the Rare Book of Cards which is completely free. You can also enjoy the Boosted Cards here as well, which are in the newest form available.

Clash Royale Love and Magic February 2023 Balance Changes

There are also a ton of Balance Changes with the Clash Royale Valentine’s Month 2023 Season. These changes are altogether related to the Cards in Clash Royale. So, let’s talk about them in detail below;

Cards Getting Buffed in Clash Royale Valentine’s Month 2023

Just like we mentioned the Balance Changes are altogether related to the Cards and there are tons of those. Let’s talk about those ones one by one.


There was an off time related to the shooting of Firecracker, which was quite an issue for players. There were even times when she wasn’t able to shoot when the opponents were near her. That was corrected and now she has a Buff of -0.4 Second on the First Hit.


Previously in Monk, the Elixir Cost was heightened from 4 to a good number of 5 and that led to the downfall of Monk. There weren’t many people playing with him, but that will soon change this month. The Hit Speed is buffed -0.1 Seconds, making him 11 percent faster.

Goblin Giant

The same goes for the Goblin Giant. Previously the rate of hits from Goblin Giants was exceptionally low. According to the Elixir Cost on Goblin Giant, the Hit speed has gotten -0.2 Seconds, making it 12 percent Faster.


The maker already knew this and he mentioned that the Archers are Support Cards that are always getting overwhelmed by the other Support Cards on Range. Specifically, Dart Goblins are taking over and Archers are nearly useless for your Deck.

This is also getting changed with the Clash Royale Love and Magic February 2023 Valentine’s Month Season. Their Hit Speed is getting 18 percent faster with -0.2 Seconds. They are now in talks about being some of the most useful DPS Anti-Swarm Troops.


Valkyrie and other cards like Royal Ghost have been pushing Knights down in the same role, therefore a Buff was required to bring him back. In 1v1 combat against other cards, the hit point got a buff of +3 Percent, which is quite exceptional.

Cards Getting Nerfed in Clash Royale Valentine’s Month 2023

Now, let’s talk about the Cards that are getting Nerfed in the Clash Royale Love and Magic February 2023 Valentine’s Month Season Update


The first one we are going to discuss here is Phoenix, which is openly considered one of the Strongest Cards in the game. With the new February 2023 Season, we are getting huge nerf on Phoenix. The Reborn Phoenix gets 80 percent of the Total Hitpoint and Damage.


The Finisher – Crown Tower, is getting a nerf. Crown Tower Damage is dropped -17 Percent in this Season’s Update.

The Log

The Pushback ability of Log was kind of off and quite strong, making people get punished again and again. It will be getting a nerf here. The Pushback ability of Log has 1 Tile > 0.7 Tiles, which is around a 30 percent reduction in Pushback.

Archer Queen

Finally, we are going to talk about the Nerf of Archer Queen in Clash Royale Valentine’s Month 2023 Season Updates. We can all agree that Archer Queen’s Charge Up was kind of too quick and now it is getting a little slower for the first hit. The First Hit Time is increased to +0.2 Seconds, making it around 200 percent slower than before.

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