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We all play Online Games to spend quality time and the most worthwhile is probably challenging your Friends or group members. Considering this, there is nothing better than Clash Royale Friendly Battle Game Mode. Just as the name suggests, in this Game Mode you are able to play freely with your closeby allies and challenge them to a duel without having to lose or win anything in exchange.

So, here in this article, we are going to discuss the Friendly Battle Game Mode that the whole Clash Royale Community is going wild for.

About Friendly Battle Game Mode

As we already discussed, Friendly Battles are types of practice matches that allow you to actually play with your friends and other members of a clan called clanmates. The unique thing about the Friendly Battle is that you don’t get anything in return.

In the Friendly Battle, you can also invite friends from your Facebook, WeChat, Game Center, and QQ Friends List. Then you can battle them to prove once and for all, how good you actually play.

While it might sound simple, there are a few special conditions as well in the Friendly Battle Game Mode. Below, we are going to dig deep into the Rules and Regulations of Friendly Battles.

How to Start a Friendly Battle?

Clash Royale UI is extremely simple, you need to simply click on the Friendly Battle which can be found on the Clan Screen bottom side. There are various types of Friendly Battle modes that you have to choose from afterward.

Arena and Deck Selection in Friendly Battle

When you get the Friendly Battle Type Selection area you can hold down the button and in return, you will get various selections of Arena. Furthermore, when you go for the 2v2 or 1v1 battle, you can even check out the Deck options.

There is a Fixed Deck setting there that gives you permission to choose your starting hand Deck Card and also make up their own order to play with. Pretty amazing isn’t it?

Invite and Chat in Friendly Battle

There is another crazy option in the Friendly Battle, which is chatting. You can leave a message for Friendly Battle to your Friend or even in the Clan Chat.

If you don’t want to send that request or you want to remove it, you can simply cancel it or anything you want before accepting. In case the other accepts it, the Friendly Battle starts.

Types of Friendly Battle

There are various types of Friendly Battle Game Mode in Clash Royale.

Friendly Special Event Challenge

Special Events are rotating challenges that you might be able to play once in a while most of the time of year they are non-playable. They are available in the tournament section and they have only one purpose, like the Grand Victory Challenges.

Furthermore, these Special Event Challenges also have various rewards for you, similar to the Grand Victory Challenges, and don’t possess the typical ladder play. There are various conditions that you have to know before going for the Friendly Battle Special Event Challenges.

Friendly War Deck Battle

War Deck Battle is under the Clan Wars where you have to fight against other Clan Members. In the Friendly Battle mix of this, you will be able to do Friendly Clan Wars, showcasing your Deck of Cards so that you can actually represent your Clan in the actual matches that give you rewards.

Friendly 2v2

The 2v2 Battle is just as the name suggests. Instead of that typical 1v1 Friendly Battle, you will be playing, here you will have a 2v2 Friendly Battle. Make sure that the other three are either your friends or from the clan.

There are specific changes in this Type of Friendly Battle as the Overtime Rules are changed, the area of your kings is changed where you can put cards behind the Tower, and so on. It is one of the Best Game Modes to try, especially inside the Friendly Battle.

Mechanics in Friendly Battle


  • There is a limit to changing screens in Friendly Battle. Once your request is active for a Friendly Battle, you can’t go back to Cards, Shops, Tournaments, and Battles.


  • The typical Tournament rules and regulations are applied to this Game Mode. This further indicates the level of the card is matched whether it is lower. The maximum level is maintained at 11 for every player.

Battle Results

  • In the Clan Chat, everyone can see the result of the Friendly Battle that took place. Amazingly anyone can watch the reply as well. It is a great opportunity to learn from your mistakes and also learn from others.


  • There are no Rewards in the Clash Royale Friendly Battle Game Mode. No one will get Trophies deducted or added, no Gold or Chest will be added nor anyone will be Crown Chests. It is a plain Tournament Style Battle between fellows on Social Media or in Clans.

Live Friendly Battle

  • To help you make the best of your time, you can watch other Friendly Battles Live, if you are not in a Friendly Battle yourself. For this, you can go to the Spectate Button under the Friendly Battle chat.
  • In the Live Match of Friendly Battle, you will see cards flipped. This indicates that the player has used those cards. Furthermore, you also can’t see a card before it’s being used in the game.
  • In the Live Match of Friendly Battle, you can cheer for your favorite side. It has really amazing animation. While you can also see the spectating amount.

Final Verdict

Well, that is all to the Clash Royale Friendly Battle Game Mode. It is one of the Best Game Modes in Clash Royale that you can enjoy and spend quality time in. Besides being fun to play, it is great for learning new things, and improving yourself and your Deck. If you loved this Guide, feel free to tell us about it in the Comment Section.

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