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You’ve probably thought about starting Clash of Clans a few times before seeing as ever since mobile gaming had a rise in popularity, Clash Royale has been consistently at the top of the list. It is considered one of the best strategic games on mobile, if not the best. It also has its own e-sports tournaments and the winner gets a good reward in return.

Clash Royale might not be that much new, but it is gaining a lot of fame recently in 2023. With new players coming to this amazing game, there is always a need for guidance. For that, we have here the amazing Clash Royale 2023 Beginners Guide to help you understand this game in a better way than ever before.


As a beginner when you start off with Clash Royale there are a few mechanisms you will see and explore in the game. Below, we will try to go through each of these mechanisms in detail, so that you have a better understanding of them.


Here, you will be put up against an opponent and the separation point is a river in between. To cross the river you will have to use two bridges on each side. Of course, you can always jump over the river or fly over if your card has the ability to.


A pretty straightforward thing here to understand is your mission in Clash Royale. Basically, you will have to destroy the tower of enemies. Each tower gives you one crown and at the end, the side with the most crowns wins the round.

Another mission that results in an instant win is destroying the king tower. Being in the center of the two towers, when destroyed in the given time, you win the round immediately.

Deck System

Our recommendation in the Clash Royale 2023 Beginners Guide would be to focus more on the deck system because the whole game falls off on it. So, what’s this system? Well, each side has several cards in the deck, and out of them, you can play with only a few. There is a line-wise shuffle, where using one card exchanges it with another in line from your overall deck, automatically.

In the menu, you can see various characters having their own elixir amount and also their own usability. Keep in mind you can only see your own (or your teammate’s) deck at the bottom of the screen, while the enemy deck is hidden.

There are a total of 8 cards in the deck and only 4 out of them can be played at a given time in the game. They work using the concept of Elixir and Sudden Death.


After you picked a card from your deck and put it on the field, that card is deployed and will start moving toward the enemy side. But it is important to mention that each card will take a specific amount of Elixir to deploy on the field. The good thing is that Elixir refills automatically which can be seen at the bottom of your screen. So, in the deck menu, you can see the amount of elixir a certain card takes and you can’t bypass the max amount, which is 10.

You somehow have to balance the amount of elixir and put cards in a certain order. If you put cards that have lower Elixir requirements, then those cards won’t be as stronger in comparison to the ones that have higher Elixir requirements. In simpler wording, when you have cards with high Elixir requirements, the deployment rate will be low, but the quality will be high. You will have to find a middle spot or a mix between higher and lower Elixir Requirement Cards.

Double Elixir And Sudden Death

After 60 seconds, there is a double elixir gain, making the game faster and more chaotic. In the duration of the double elixir, if the number of crowns is the same for both teams, the game will go into sudden death mode. In this mode the first one to get the crown wins.

Cards In Clash Royale

After you understood the deck and combat system in Clash Royale, now it’s time to talk about the cards in our Clash Royale 2023 Beginners Guide. For starters, there are various categories and rarities of cards here. Below, we will guide you on the rarity in detail.

One more thing! You also have the ability to upgrade your Cards in Clash Royale to a certain level, which is usually 13. Besides this, the division of cards are;

  • Legendary – these cards are identified by their flashy rainbow colors. These are the rarest cards and are also termed the most powerful. Well, they also cost you a lot of elixir in return. The starting point of these cards is level 9 and the best play is to add one or two legendaries to your deck.
  • Epic – these are the second most powerful cards, having a purple tone. Mostly, these start with level 8 and are best known for their efficiency when talking about elixir. Most of the damage dealers are in this segment.
  • Rare – the third most powerful card that can be identified with orange color. They are sometimes useless and depend on your usability. Not that strong, but if used correctly in some scenarios, you can turn the tables because of the low elixir use. Their starting point is level 3.
  • Common – these cards have a blue color and cost the least amount of elixir. Their counter is easy and used under specific scenarios like taking the attention of damage dealers from the tower. Their starting level is 1.

How To Get Cards And Upgrade Them in Clash Royale?

There is a chest system through which you can get new Cards or you can also get them from the in-game shop. Clash Royale Gold is one thing that can help you get cards, which are obtained from playing the game or you can also spend real money to buy them.

When you open the chest there is a waiting time before you can get rewards out from them. Before opening, you can check the Cards that are guaranteed and cards that you might get as a chance.

Various Chests in Clash Royale are wooden chests, silver chests, golden chests, and magical chests. Furthermore, you also get some exceptionally rewarding Chests like epic, legendary, lightning, mega lightning, and giant chests. Besides this, there are other chests like the war chest and
the champion draft chest, related to various challenges in the game.

You get chests after daily rewards, completing challenges, and doing certain things. These are easy to get used to as a beginner so we won’t go into details.

Arena And Trophy

Finally, after you get used to everything in your first stage, it’s time to discuss the Clash Royale Arena and How to Win Battles in our Clash Royale 2023 Beginners Guide. After winning a match you will be gifted with a certain amount of trophies and losing will deprive you of them.

The starting point is goblin stadium and once you earn from zero to 299 trophies you will be getting to the bone pit. After getting from 300 to 599, you will be going to the barbarian bowl. Like this, there are a total of 14 locations and the final one is a legendary arena that you can unlock after having 4000 trophies.

All these locations have their own graphics and style, not to mention the opponents start getting dangerous as you move up in the location. These locations are referred to as Arenas in Clash Royale.

Winning Your Battles

Last but not least, if you reached this point in our Clash Royale Beginners Guide, you will most certainly be able to play the game with enough background knowledge. The only question that remains is, how do you win the battles?

  • The first thing you need to be aware of is the elixir. Keep the amount of elixir in your deck that you can use even in a tight situation and save enough to do a deadly strike.
  • The second thing is your deck and the enemy deck. After playing for a few seconds, you will be sure about the deck of the enemy. Use your deck to counter the enemy deck and make an entry.
  • Focus on both the air and the ground area because enemies can be tossed to your Tower or some can come from underground. Besides this, some of the cards can fly, some of them can be planted at a certain location like buildings, and some are on the grounds. Use them wisely and include each in the deck.
  • Log into the game Daily and try to play a few rounds. It will give you rewards that are quite useful in the future.

Final Verdict

Well, that was all in our Clash Royale 2023 Beginners Guide. There are some things that you will get later on in the game that aren’t as crucial for a starter. In our Clash Royale Guide, we included things that will help you make the best out of Clash Royale in 2023. The best advice on our part is to always mess things around to build experience. Only in this way, you can learn things that others aren’t aware of and outsmart them using the knowledge.

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