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The year 2022 has been an incredible one for gaming all around the world, from the launch of Elden Ring to entirely new ways to play Pokémon as we saw in Legends Arceus. But it has also been a great year for mobile gaming, and obviously, we are not talking about the Nintendo Switch here.

So, we are here to bring you a list of some of the recent popular mobile game releases we think you should check out right now. So get your smartphone or tablet ready to game. Let’s get started!


Believe it or not, Netflix does have some great games available on the mobile world. Yes, they have their catalog of games like they have a catalog of other content. Desta was just released in October, and it immediately stands out. Not just thanks to the cool art, but also thanks to the great visuals of the game.

There’s a mix of visual styles involved in this game, combining 2D and 3D with an isometric perspective. Not only this but the polished designs of the game and the UI make it a real eye-candy piece of a game. Now, when it comes to gameplay, Desta is a combination of sports and strategy. Similar to games like XCOM, this game will set you on an isometric 3D map and you’ll move in grids to land shots with a ball to your opponents. So, yes, it’s pretty much a strategized version of dodgeball.


A puzzle game full of cartoons and nice, clean art. This game will have you organizing and planning how trains and railcars are connected by creating and moving different tracks. This sounds pretty simple, but it gets complicated as you progress over the course of the 150 levels included in the game. It’s not that this game stands out for its visuals or its gameplay, but it is a pretty fun game and it’s great to play for short periods.

-T3 Arena:

This one is an incredibly fun and addictive game we got this past October with a lot of elements that immediately will make you want to check it out and download it as soon as possible. T3 arena is an online, competitive, third-person shooter multiplayer game. As you’d expect this game allows you to pick a character and sets you in different game modes and matches to compete foto be the best. Eliminate your enemies by showing off your skills, and use all your fast reflexes to be the MVP.

One of the coolest things about T3 Arena is just how chaotic it gets. It's not meant to be taken too seriously, nor is it supposed to be an eSports game, it’s completely meant to have some fun. So, if you’re looking for a fast multiplayer game on your phone that has excellent visuals too, T3 Arena could be just what you need.

-Nikke: Goddess of Victory:

This game was announced a while back, and it’s been through a long process of closed beta, but now it is finally fully released globally. This game is an astonishing title with excellent shooter-RPG gameplay, beautiful visuals, an incredible story, and great art. It feels like a game made by developer Mihoyo thanks to its amazing style. It does have some Gacha elements, but the entire gameplay and all the complex elements on it make up for the Gacha. And after all, there’s also some fun in trying your luck! There are different game modes and the story is divided into episodes, you can even choose a difficulty level and unlock the harder ones as you progress.

-Stumble Guys:

Earlier this year, Fall Guys came back to the spotlight since it became a free- to-play game. It had a new surge in searches and gamers, but they didn’t consider that they still left a huge portion of gamers out there, maybe the biggest one, mobile gamers. A game such as fall guys looks and plays as if it was actually meant to be played on mobile. But Fall Guys still to this day is not available on any mobile platform, so someone had to do it. Queue the appearance of Fall Guys, pretty much a clone of Fall Guys, this game is incredibly fun to play. Sure, it’s simple, and it is a clone, but it is super fun to play. Not to mention that there’s a lot of content, and it can be quite competitive. If you like Fall Guys, then you’ll love Stumble Guys, and it is free to play too!

-Papers Please:

A well-known indie game finally makes its way into the mobile game world. And it makes so much sense to play on a mobile platform that it was crazy that it wasn’t available already. Papers Please is a game that sets you in the most exciting role you could ever imagine, being a bureaucrat at a border checkpoint after your name was drawn from the labor lottery. This new place in the authoritarian government has some benefits, if you work hard enough and well enough, all your family might be able to make it through the winter cold.

This game is an incredible example of what narrative and an interesting enough idea can make, even while the gameplay might be incredibly simple. It can get puzzling, and there are ethical dilemmas in the game. You need to do what you need to do for your family, or maybe for your leaders, depending on your priorities. Not for nothing, they call Papers, Please a dystopian document thriller, you should play this game.

Apex Legends Mobile:

Now, we’ve mentioned some solid games, but this is probably the biggest name on this list. It’s a pretty well-known game, and it’s been for a while now, since this game is pretty much a mobile-made port of a big game. Apex Legends is a popular strategy battle royale shooter game, and now it’s completely ported and adapted to touch controls. Even though there’s no crossplay with the consoles or PC versions of the game, this mobile game has a pretty big player base too.

We don’t have to get too deep into what this game is about since it’s already so popular and well-known. Suffice it to say that this game offers potentially hundreds of hours of gameplay, added to the immense arsenal of weapons in the game, and all the excellent strategies you can come up with when playing online and mixing the team balances. There are constant updates, new additions, new weapons, and an ever-growing platform with thousands of players worldwide. This game has everything you could want from a mobile game.

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