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Experts who have their footprints in Raid Shadow Legends enjoy the ton of picks they can choose from but beginners get confused because of various choices. We are talking about the vast amount of Champions you can pick from here in the game. There are Legendary, Epic, Rare, Normal, and so on. That’s why here, we will be discussing the Best Legendary Champions in Raid Shadow Legends to help you get the best picks in the game.

Mithrala Lifebane

It isn’t a secret in the gaming community that Mithrala Lifebane is the Best Legendary Champion in the game as of now. She has a Void Affinity and belongs to the faction of Dark Elves, making her exceptionally good in the Doom Tower that is meant for the Hydra and Demon Lord Clan Boss. 

When she attacks, her basics do poison damage and also consist of an ability where AoE Hex takes place, buffing the Defense of allies and Attack as well. Furthermore, she can clear up all the Debuffs for the whole team and put a shield to defend them.

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On the Passive side, she has an ability called Gaze of Stone where someone who gets Hexed has a 50 percent chance of getting Petrified. It goes the same way for the party members but is reduced to 30 percent. 

Petrifying Effect is a Mithrala Lifebane Debuff where she removes the buffs on the enemies for the whole game and turns them into stone figures. They will be missing their turns because the cooldown is on pause till fully recovered.

Krisk the Ageless

The second in our List of Best Legendary Champions in Raid Shadow Legends is going to be none other than Krisk the Ageless. He belongs to the Faction of Lizardmen and has the same Void Affinity. 

The basic Skill of Krisk is Enter the Morass and it has a 50 percent chance of decreasing the SPEED of enemies by around 30 percent when it hits them. The passive here is Might of Ages which puts Shield on teammates and it lasts for a total of two turns, at the beginning of each round. It has 50 percent of the max HP belonging to Krisk himself. Furthermore, it will also place another 60 Percent ATK and DEF Debuff on anyone who is attacking him on auto for one turn. 

Finally, the craziest thing here about Krisk is that being a Legendary, there is another ability which is AoE Provoke that pushes the enemies to attack him always, activating his abilities on top. 

Underpriest Brogni

One of the most Unique Champions in Raid Shadow Legends is Underpriest Brogni and he is also a Legendary, which naturally puts him in the big league. He utilizes an ability known as the Cavern’s Grasp that will attack all the enemies and targets one enemy to remove buffs from, also removing a debuff from a member of his party. 

When in the team, there is an increase in the Shield Buffs for the team to around 30 percent based on the damage of his attacks. It goes exceptionally well with the Redoubt, which is his passive ability, making allies get protected by a reflection of shield that throws 25 percent damage to the attacker, as well as healing the champion himself for a total of 25 percent based on the damage to shields.

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 Finally, there is also an AoE Shield that Underpriest Brogni has in his arsenal. That’s Versatility!

Siphi the Lost Bride

Siphi belongs to the Undead Horde, meaning she also has that same Void Affinity. The main theme here with Siphi the Lost Bride is that she has the best Buffs in the whole game, specifically the one named Whirlwind Romance. 

When it activates, there is a Block Debuff, which is actually a Buff for all the teammates, filling the Turn Meter to 10 percent, giving 60 percent enhanced Defense and 30 Percent enhanced Speed. All of that will be for a total of two turns, while it has a four-turn cooldown

That’s not it because Siphi can also give life to a Teammate who is down and its cooldown is also four turns when the Turn Meter is full. She will give 50 percent more Attack, and another 30 percent enhanced Critical Rate for a total of two turns. You can even get back the Nuker in the team to turn the tides in your favor.


In our list of Best Legendary Champions in Raid Shadow Legends, Warlord takes the title of Best Support and also comes with that same old Void Affinity. The best thing about this Support Legendary Champion is that he has an ability called Orcish Ritual that puts the skills of enemies on cooldown and further has a 60 percent chance to deplete the turn meter of enemies completely. 

It can be done after 4 turns in the game, which is also quite fascinating because the enemies can’t do anything about it. Warrior can even deny the enemies, depriving them of their skills and sometimes also referred to as the Best Arena Champion in Raid Shadow Legends.

Lydia the Deathsiren

Last but not least we have here Lydia the Deathsiren who belongs to the Dark Elven community. Just like the rest of the Best Legendary Champions on our List, she is also a Void Affinity. One thing that is sure about her is that she is versatile. 

There is an ability called Siren’s Wall that will attack all the enemies in front of you, inflicting heavy damage. When you are placing the Debuff, it will decrease the Defense to around 60 percent on enemies, as well as take down their damage (weaken) to around 25 percent. It all is here for a total of two turns.

Last but not least, she also increases the Damage of allies to around 25 percent, as well as Speed to around 30 percent. All of this for two turns as well. Quite amazing!

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