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In case you are one of those individuals who are just confused with the Constellation of Hu Tao, well here is a complete guide on Best Hu Tao Constellations – Which Constellation to Pick for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact?

Hu Tao was recently introduced in the world of Genshin Impact, making her quite a desirable character. But, in order to enhance her gameplay, you should be looking for the C1. It is also exceptionally desired based on the improvements it makes to her. That being said there are a total of 6 Constellations and in our guide, we will be telling you which one to choose from those.

Hu Tao Constellations

When it comes to the Constellations part of the game, there are various types that are just better than others. The attack boost of Raiden Shogun C4 is naturally worse than the C2, but it is harder to get in the game. 

When talking about the Hu Tao Constellations, the same things are considered and you will see the same pattern. The earlier Constellation she has is somewhat better than the one you will be getting later on. 

Should you go for the Hu Tao Constellations?

If you are considering picking Hu Tao as your main character then there is no doubt you should be going out for the Hu Tao Constellation. Just like we mentioned before here in our Guide that the Best Constellation for Hu Tao is C1 and it’s something you genuinely should be looking for. 

When you get the Constellations for your Hu Tao, it will enhance her gameplay. The first one is the most noticeable, while the further you go, Constellations will start giving you abilities and Damage, meaning they aren’t game changers.

Which Constellation to pick for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact

That being said, let’s talk about all the Best Constellations for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact, you should be going for.

Crimson Bouquet – C1 Constellation

When you unlock the Hu Tao Constellation in Genshin Impact, you will get the C1 Constellation or also called the Crimson Bouquet. With this Constellation, Hu Tao gets an Elemental Skill buff and she can use Charged Attacks for an unlimited amount of time.

Yes, you heard that right, there won’t be any cooldown on the famous Charged Attacks you are always using from Hu Tao. It makes the gameplay more versatile because the main source of Damage from Hu Tao is based on the Charged Attack you are using. 

One more thing to notice is that when you get the C1 Constellation on Hu Tao, the Cancel Animation also becomes quite better or you can call it smoother. You will also have much more stamina in Genshin Impact to utilize somewhere else.

  • When Hu Tao goes in the Paramita Papilio form through the Guide to Afterlife, she will get Charge Attacks without wasting Stamina. 
  • Holds the Most Importance (Priority)

Ominous Rainfall – C2 Constellation

Typically, when you are out of the Field with Hu Tao, her Pyro Application becomes inactive. In order to tackle that, you will have to use the Blood Blossom Effect and then the applications are still on the field after leaving. 

When there is no Constellation for Hu Tao, there won’t be a scaling of Blood Blossom with the Health of Hu Tao and that is one aspect that players should be concerned about the most. 

When you get the C2 Constellatio for Hu Tao, which is called the Ominous Rainfall, you will scale the Blood Blossom with the Health, and in return, you will deal more damage, as well as perform better overall with this amazing character.

  • It will enhance the Blood Blossom Damage by equal to 10 Percent of Health when applying this effect. Furthermore, your Spirit Soother will also get the Blood Blossom on it.
  • Holds Medium Importance

Garden of Eternal Rest – C4 Constellation

This one is mostly based on Hu Tao’s effect on the team, rather than herself only. When you get the C4 Constellation for Hu Tao, which is also called Garden of Eternal Rest, you can enhance the teammate’s Critical Rate to around a total of 12 percent.

It indicates that you shouldn’t be focusing on the C4 Constellation for this character because it doesn’t give her necessarily anything. Even the Teammates are rarely going to use the Crit Rate increase. C1 and C2 were great for Hu Tao.

  • When you defeat an enemy using your Blood Blossom on herself, all the party members that are close to Hu Tao except herself will gain CRIT Rate enhancement of around 12 percent for a total of 15 seconds. 
  • It Holds Medium Importance

Butterfly’s Embrace – C6 Constellation

Last but not least, the final Constellation of Hu Tao is known as the Butterfly Embrace or people call it the C6 Constellation as well. When you get the C6, it makes Hu Tao extremely aggressive because there won’t be any issues of her falling down anymore. 

When you get the C6 Constellation, Hu Tao goes berserk when hit with a Lethal Strike or even her HP goes below 25 percent. She will have enhanced DMG, sustainability, and her Physical, as well as the Elemental RES going up many times. She will possess a full CRIT Rate enhancement as well, alongside an increase in resistance. 

One thing to note is that without a Shielder, you won’t be able to play with Hu Tao’s full power. The same goes for the healer because you need someone to help Hu Tao live for a long period. Both of them are for the purpose of making Hu Tao survive in combat for a longer duration. 

In case you are going for the Elemental, Physical, or even the Interruption Resistance, you aren’t putting the focus on the Offensive or Defensive side of Hu Tao, which her Gameplay revolves around. 

Even when you are going for a DPS Hu Tao Build, you will be needing that CRIT Rate enhancement for her Damage, but the C4 Constellation focuses on Teammates having this buff instead of her. 

  • When Hu Tao’s HP goes less than 25 percent or she gets a Lethal Strike, she won’t die because of the Damage received. For the 10 seconds after that, the Physical, as well as the Elemental RES will be enhanced to around 200 percent. The Critical Rate will also be enhanced to 100 percent, while the resistance to the interruption is basically enhanced. It can be AUTO if Hu Tao goes 1HP but for 60 seconds only. 
  • Its importance is High

That’s it! These are the Best Hu Tao Constellations in Genshin Impact. You can go with C1, C2, C4, and C6, you will be fine for the most part. As for which Constellation to Pick for Hu Tao in Genshin Impact? You should focus on the C1 mostly because it gives you that crisp gameplay you are looking for in Hu Tao.

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