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Auto Chess 2023 Beginners Guide

We all love to experience Chess whether we can actually play it or not. For years, there have been many varieties of Chess with different plays, but none of them hit harder than Auto Chess. If you are also among the individuals in the Gaming Community who heard of Auto Chess, want to play it, or can’t actually get a hold of it, then we got here an amazing Auto Chess 2023 Beginners Guide to help you out.

This Auto Chess is a board game that is specifically made for players who can’t withstand the sight of Chess but still want to experience it in a fun way. Dota 2 Auto Chess because of its popularity and uniqueness is developed for the Smartphone community, making it quite accessible.

The only issue, however, with Auto Chess is that it requires knowledge of Dota 2 to actually play or you also have to be involved with Chess in some way. If you are an individual who doesn’t have both of them, then it becomes quite hard to actually play Auto Chess. So, buckle up and enjoy the trip to this amazing Auto Chess Beginners Guide.

What actually is this Auto Chess?

Dota 2 Auto Chess

Dota 2 introduced an Arcade Games feature that allowed creators to make their own mini-game inside. It can be accessed by all the Dota 2 Community, but some of the games are also featured by Dota 2 that gain a lot of popularity. Amazingly, Dota 2 Auto Chess, which was developed by Drodo Studios, belonging to China, gained its own separate fan base. Players would literally care about only playing Auto Chess when opening Dota 2.

This game had a mix of Dota 2 and a Board Game, making it somewhat unique for the fan base. That was probably why it became famous in the first place. But soon after, Dota 2 Auto Chess started having multiple copycats for smartphones and in return, the developers were forced to separate Dota 2 Auto Chess and make a new Smartphone exclusive game that went by the name of Auto Chess.

Both the Dota 2 one and the Smartphone Auto Chess aren’t quite similar in the respect that the latter one didn’t have Dota 2 touch to it. All the items, heroes, characters, and abilities were removed, but the whole concept besides that was the same. In the Smartphone Auto Chess, there are colors instead of those Dota 2 Characters, while the items and abilities are also physically changed, while the internal concept is similar.

In simpler wording, Auto Chess is very similar to the Chess we play on board but still, it has that strategic turn-based game mix along with tower defense.

What do you do here?

Gameplay of Auto Chess

Before we actually jump off to give you advice, it is important to mention your role in the Auto Chess 2023 Beginners Guide. In the game itself, there are many opponents fighting against each other, taking their turns in multiple rounds and the winner is actually the one who lasts till the end.

Just like the Pieces of Chess, you get to pick Pieces in Auto Chess that belongs to a specific race and class. Then you put the Pieces on the board when your turn comes. On the Board, it is a battle between your Piece and the enemy Piece, but that battle is completely automatic. Your Job here is to just put the Piece on Board, based on what’s best.

Getting Started with Auto Chess

  • Download Auto Chess on your smartphone
  • Setup your Dragonest Account (You can also use an Account on FB or Google)
  • Put in your Phone Number or take the route of Social Media
  • Play the Tutorial
  • You are ready to take the world in Auto Chess

Guide to Auto Chess Rounds

Rounds in Auto Chess

Now to start with our Auto Chess 2023 Beginners Guide. The first thing you need to understand is the Rounds here. There are multiple rounds in the game, which we already discussed in our Auto Chess Beginners Guide. Each round has different opponents fighting against each other, with their own Boards in front. The basic goal here is to remain the last one in the end.

Just like a game of Chess or Dota 2, your decisions make the game longer or shorter. The maximum a game can last for is around 50 Rounds. But an average match is well off around 30, which costs you 15 minutes of time. If you don’t feel like playing, you can always forfeit or surrender after you passed 15 rounds.

For the first three rounds, you will face NPCs with 1 Gold as a starting point. Each Round comes with a total of two phases;

  • The First one is the Preparation
  • The Second one is the Battle

Below, in our Auto Chess 2023 Beginners Guide, we will take a look at both Phases in detail, so that you can get a better perspective of what’s happening here.

First Phase – Preparation

Preparation Phase Auto Chess

When you start your First Phase, you choose from Five Pieces (Random), and at the beginning of the new round, they refresh. The cost of each unit will depend on Rarity, which is around 1 to 5 Gold.
The purchased Unit itself is placed on the bench and you will have to drag it onto the board. There is a timer of 20 seconds and if you fail to put the Unit on Board in that time, that unit won’t participate.

Second Phase – Battle

Battle Phase Auto Chess

At the start of your Second Phase, you don’t have to do any action, as it is completely automatic, which we already mentioned in the Auto Chess Beginners Guide.

NPC Round

You will fight with Monsters and Creeps for the first three rounds and then on each fifth round. Like 10th, 15th, 20th Rounds, and so on. The good thing is that they drop items but to pick them up, you have to click on the presents and they automatically go in your backpack.


You don’t have to worry about Items here, simply open the Backpack, and click on the item in case you want to read the Description. You can also equip the Items and drop them from your Backpack to empty some space. Our recommendation in the Auto Chess 2023 Beginners Guide would be to equip everything you get because there are no side effects in this game.

Health and Outcome

Every Round you begin with full health, which is 100 irrespective of losing or winning. If you win the round you will get XP and Gold in return. But, if you lose, the chess pieces of the enemy will attack you and each unit costs two HP.

At the start of the next round, you get the Units again with full Stats. So, there is nothing to worry about.

Auto Chess Resources

Auto Chess Resources

Irrespective of whether you win or lose, you will get five gold and one experience in each round, but when you win the gold is increased to six. The resources you get can help you increase the number of chess pieces on the board and also level up.

You can have 10 pieces at a time if you somehow reach level 10, which is the max. Placing more than your level is eligible but as a result, some random pieces get benched.

Being an Auto Chess 2023 Beginners Guide, it is essential to tell you that Gold is the most important thing here in this game. You can buy rerolls or get yourself some chess pieces, but as a result, you get experience.

You can generate interest here but you will have to save 10 gold to earn 1 extra gold. For a winning streak, you get more than the usual amount of Gold. So, just like in Dota 2, you will have to plan your spending wisely or you will lose the game. You can either take a dangerous path and go all out, or you can play safe, planning your way onward.

Teaming and Synergy in Auto Chess

Teaming and Synergy in Auto Chess

You can activate a class Synergy when you put two units at the same time, but getting two races of class synergy is actually a waste. Like you are getting two or three Phantom Queens at the same time, while you can win with only one.

There is a particular method of leveling or increasing the stat of your Chess Piece. For that, you will have to get more than one of the same chess pieces. After purchasing a card, you can see the rank-up tag beside that card. When you tap it, the level of the Piece in Auto Chess will increase, making it stronger in the process.

There is a rare thing that you do to Level up a unit to three stars. For this, you will have to get the same two-star units for a total of three times and combine them together. The outcome isn’t guaranteed but there is a chance of your getting the three-star unit. As a recommendation in our Beginners Guide, we don’t recommend you do that as a newbie because it is too risky.

After getting the dream team in Auto Chess, it comes to actually place the Units on the Chess Board. Most of the time it wouldn’t matter but the best practice is to put the Units with higher health on the front for defensive purposes. As the game progresses with rounds, you can put one of the tanks on the back because of the jumping units.

You can click on the Race or Class Icon in the top corner to look at the possible Synergies.

Price and Rarity of Chess Pieces in Auto Chess

Pieces in Auto Chess

We are just around the corner with our Auto Chess 2023 Beginners Guide. You already know how Teaming and Synergies work but now it’s time to tell you about the Price and Rarity of the Piece.

If your five random chess pieces aren’t exactly what you wanted, you can reroll for around 2 gold, but it is not a good practice if you do it more often. You can also sell back the unit if that unit isn’t good with your strategies.

Furthermore, the Price and Rarity of Pieces in Auto Chess are;

  • Five Gold for Legendary
  • Four Gold for Mythical
  • Three Gold for Rare
  • Two Gold for Uncommon
  • One gold for Common

Longer games tend to increase the chances of rare spawns, so it is also important to keep the timing in mind.

Beginners Guide to Auto Chess Purchases

Purchase in Auto Chess

Don’t worry! Auto Chess isn’t a “Pay to Win” type of game. None one can spend the money to get stuff that breaks the balance of the game, making them stronger. But, there are a few things that everyone can get and they are like bonuses in the field. You can get Candies by simply gaming and the second one is Donuts that you can get with real money.

You can only get Visual things like damage effects, emotes, board skins, and so on. There isn’t anything that can ruin the play for us poor gamers.

Final Verdict

Well, that is all in our Auto Chess 2023 Beginners Guide. This is an incredibly fun game to play, and invest your free time in. Keep in mind it looks similar to Chess but it resembles more of a Board Game for MOBA lovers. Yes, you can call it Dota 2 Auto Chess because it is the same game but made specifically for Smartphone Gamers.

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