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Enter the world of Yggdrasil and save it from the clutches of the dark forces that wish to enslave it. The game is themed around the battle of Ragnarok. Your goal is to explore the world and banish evil wherever you find it. But fret not, as there are over 100 heroes to help you in your quest to save the world. The heroes are divided across 7 different factions and 8 classes, so there are a lot of synergies you can experiment with. Here are a few codes to help you get started with the game.

Yggdrasil – The Origin Codes and Rewards

The list of free promo codes in Yggdrasil – The Origin is mentioned below:

Codes Rewards
DISC222 10x Medium Enhancement Stones and 200x Diamonds
GIFT2022 1x 2 hours EXP and 200x Diamonds
GG888 1x 2 hours EXP and 200x Diamonds
RC888 1x 8 Hours Life Essence and 200x Diamonds
RUBY999 1x 8 hours of Life Essence and 1x 8 hours Enhancement Stone
SPECIAL000 1x Basic Recruit Coupon and 200x Diamonds
YGG888 10x Basic Enchantment Stones and 1x 2 hours of Life Essence

How to redeem free codes in Yggdrasil – The Origin

Follow these steps if you want to redeem the aforementioned codes in Yggdrasil – The Origin:

1. Tap on the player avatar towards the top left of the screen.

2. Choose the Redeem code section and enter the case-sensitive code in the text area.

3. Tap Confirm once you’re to immediately receive your rewards.


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