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Desta: The Memory Between is an immersive character-driven adventure game that takes you on an epic journey of discovery. With breathtaking graphics, innovative gameplay, and an intriguing storyline, it’s a game that will have you hooked for hours. 

You’ll experience the thrill of exploration and the challenge of solving puzzles as you uncover the mysteries hidden within the game. In this review, we’ll provide an overview of the game, review the gameplay, graphics, and storyline, and give you an in-depth look at this incredible virtual reality adventure. 

So strap in and get ready for a journey you won’t soon forget!


The game offers an atmospheric puzzle adventure game developed and published by developer Ustwo Games. Players take on the role of Desta, a mysterious young entity who has forgotten their past and must use their unique ability to manipulate memories and objects in order to restore her memories and discover their true identity. 

As you progress through the game, you will explore beautiful and mysterious locations, solve puzzles and uncover secrets to help them. The game features stunning environmental graphics and a wonderful musical score that enhances the atmosphere. It is a thought-provoking and rewarding experience for those looking for a unique and captivating game.


The game is a puzzle game that forces the player to think outside the box. Players must navigate through various levels by solving puzzles, recalling memories, and connecting objects. The game is also made by the same developers behind Monument Valley. 

The game has an immersive story that immerses players in the game and keeps them guessing. The graphics are beautiful and help to bring the game to life. The gameplay is intuitive and fun, and the puzzles are challenging but not overly difficult. 

Overall, Desta: The Memory Between is an enjoyable game that offers plenty of challenges and a unique experience.


Being an adventure game, it will captivate players with its stunning visuals. From the vibrant and detailed environments to the lifelike characters, the game offers a visually stunning experience. 

The game offers a unique story of friendship and loss, as you explore the world and uncover the memory between two characters. The game also features a mix of exploration, puzzles, and combat, making for an engaging and varied gameplay experience. 

The graphics of the title are top-notch, and the visuals are sure to bring a smile to players’ faces. If you’re looking for an adventure game with excellent graphics, it is definitely worth checking out.


In conclusion, it is a unique and immersive game experience. The game has amazing graphics and an intriguing storyline. The gameplay is smooth and enjoyable, and the game has a friendly tone that makes it enjoyable to play. 

If you’re looking for an entertaining and challenging game, then Desta: The Memory Between is definitely worth checking out.

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