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It is human nature to compete and do things that in return get them something. In Valorant that might be the Competitive Game Mode which gives you a Rank to compete for and prove yourself. Maybe that’s why it is the most played, sought after, and probably the Best Game Mode of Valorant.

Most of the time people usually play the Competitive Game Mode irrespective of the fact that your win has a reward and your loss has a penalty. If you are not ready to play and lose the round there will be consequences, deeper than we can imagine.

Well, for that reason, we have here an amazing article on Valorant Competitive Game Mode to help you understand it in depth.

About Competitive Game Mode

Competitive is a Ranked Valorant Game Mode that is somewhat similar to the unranked but has that competitive aspect to it. Being a beginner you might ask what that aspect is.

Competitive means, your winning or losing has a good and bad aspect. When you win there is RR given to you and upon reaching a certain RR level, you will gain your next rank.

On the other hand, when you lose, there is a reduction in RR and upon a certain level, you will lose that level. Simple as that! The higher level you achieve, the better players you will have to face and that is the true competitive aspect of the game.

Gameplay of Competitive Game Mode

Teams and Players

In Competitive, two teams are fighting each other and each team has a total of five players on their side. First of all, each member of the team has to pick a player and after that pick, there is the placement of one team on the Defense side and the other on the Attack side.

Defending and Attacking

The Defense side has to stop the enemy from entering the site, either from the short side or the long side of each site. The maps are designed to have two sites (three in one case) and a mid (also not in 1 case). The Attack side, however, has to get into the site and plant the spike.

On detonation of the spike, the Attackers win or they have to kill all the players on the Defenders side to win before that. The Defenders will win if the time runs out and the Attackers didn’t plant the spike or the Defenders killed all the Attackers side players before they planted.


At the time the match starts, there is a limit of 30 seconds in which you have to buy equipment, which is reduced after the first round. There is a credit system that allows you to buy a specific gun/armor under your budget. The above image shows it in detail.

The total time of each round is around 100 seconds and after planting the spike that time is reduced to around 40 seconds. There are a total of 12 rounds and after that, the Competitive Game Mode will change your side and the winner is a team with 13 rounds.


A thing that is changed in Competitive in contrast to Unrated is Overtime where a team has to simultaneously win 2 rounds. One team is on the Attack, while the other is on Defend which changed in the next round.

In case a team couldn’t simultaneously win two rounds, then the other team will get a chance to even the rounds, and in this case, the Overtime resets again following the same scheme.

One more thing to note here is that in Overtime, there is a total of 5k credit given to each player and some points on the Ultimate.

Finally, after both teams have one round win in the Overtime, it will reset, but allow you to Continue or Draw the round. The first vote will need around six draws to go in the favor of Draw, while the other vote will need 3 and after that, it is reduced to 1.


Did we forget to mention Surrendering? Well, you can also surrender here in Valorant Competitive Game Mode and require all the votes to complete it, otherwise, it fails.

In case a member of the team disconnected at the beginning of the game, you can call a vote for Remake just like you did for surrender before the second round. After that, you will have to suffer.

If you dodge the Competitive Match, a small RR portion will be cut off, and being AFK on each round will put an 8 to 12 RR penalty, which increases with more AFK rounds.

Playing Competitive Game Mode

Being something that has a higher set of rules and stakes, anyone can’t simply play Competitive Game Mode in Valorant. Rather, you will have to be level 20 on your account in order to play it.

Party System

You might have guessed it. In Competitive, there is a five-stack scene as well, where five players can join together and play as a team against the other five players. It is called a Stack or Party in the language of Valorant Competitive Game Mode.

You can’t play with 4 stacks here in Valorant Competitive, while you can go for solo, duo, trio, and 5 stacks. Except for 5 stacks, it matters whether the Rank of players in your party is around you or not.

In Five stack it is not as severe, but you will lose a 25 percent RR rating if you win. So, that should be kept in mind.

The image above tells the grouping much better than we can explain here in our own words.

Rank System

So, coming to the main point which we have been focusing on all this time. There are a total of 9 Ranks here namely;

  1. Iron
  2. Bronze
  3. Silver
  4. Gold
  5. Platinum
  6. Diamond
  7. Ascendant
  8. Immortal
  9. Radiant

Each of the ranks has three tiers and you start off from tier 1, ranking up to tier 3, and promoting to the other rank. That doesn’t apply to Immortal and Radiant because they have Leaderboards.

Ranks in Valorant are more based on your skills and stats, unlike other games where they are based on your kills. So, a previous Diamond player might be playing in Silver because of the new Act.

To earn a rank, you will have to play five games and at your best performance, you can only reach Ascendant.

Earning Ranks

To earn ranks you will have to first earn RR and it mostly depends on your performance. Lower ranks earn more RR, ranging from 5 to 55, while higher ranks earn low RR. A streak of wins will surely give you more RR than usual, and might even double-rank you up.

On Draw, it is rare that you will earn any RR, while the maximum you can go with Draw is 20 RR, which is exceptionally rare to see and on low ranks.

After reaching 100 on your RR level, you will be promoted to the next Rank, starting from Tier 1. But, keep in mind that upon losing RR, you won’t be directly demoted from Silver 2 to Silver 1 and will get stuck at 0 RR.

You can save it if you win the next match or you will be demoted if you lose the next. In the case of Radiant and Immortal, there is a Leaderboard, so there is no concept of 100 RR, you can be included in the Leaderboard and climb that ladder.

Final Verdict

That is all to the Valorant Competitive Game Mode, which is considered the Best Game Mode to play in Valorant as of now. Yes, there are stakes, there is competition, there are strict rules and there are ranks. But, all of this makes it truly worth your time on Valorant and you can only prove your skills that way.

One thing to keep in mind is that the Banning rules in Competitive are quite ruthless. You can’t trash talk, you can’t offense, you can’t sabotage, and do inappropriate stuff like AFK, disconnecting, or definitely you can’t cheat. These things will increase your chances of getting a Ban or in case of Cheat the account gets suspended.

Well, that is everything related to the Competitive aspect and if you have anything to say, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section.

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